not on the line?note that these little details can help you get to the top faster

, i believe a lot of players will be in a certain segment of the card for a long time, how to play all the points,

is not a bad thing to do, it is the team that is too good to carry.(haha, it's important to actively dump the pan, it's just that you don't have a problem.)

, i want to share some small details with you, and i hope you can help me.

    <p>don't play red birds until you finish the red.

too affect wild development,

and red not will take,

especially when meeting with teammates need rises 4 as soon as possible,

can let try to get it.

-a good beat field can bring too much benefit to the team.

2.sagittarius should try to push off a tower as far as possible.

early ngata can also get the team up to level 4 as soon as possible,

, which can also relieve the pressure of the other road.


remember, alive to output

3.striker melee can call to anyone who is playing, while

don't in order to show to cut across the back row

plunge themselves into the awkward position of

was taken away by unknown enemy round aoe.

4.on a single line can first river pups, at this time the enemy's striker and auxiliary should play the red buff,

general play better online first soldier soldier residual blood just after the wolf, can effectively alleviate the pressure of the road, a disguised form drag hand 50 litres of four-stage speed

5.found on a single enemy striker disappeared in the pawn line can go to the enemy to squat red buff grass, big chance to squat down to.

generally see the striker body red buff disappearing time, usually disappear after about 20 seconds across the red refresh the early stage of the single most important task to protect their own protection, to protect the longer for their help, the greater the far as possible when single start online first hiding in the bushes and

after the enemy hero appearance made skills directly the skills in the opposite face, for health advantages,

pressure on line will be much smaller

8.the single if is armed soldiers line ability can immediately into the grass,

knock enemy creeps in this location, delay the enemy wild to level 4. the single don't always depend on the line, see the situation timely reinforcements from top to bottom, formed with much less.






















is only so much, i hope i can help you.

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