lol little zhi finally tell the bottom why and the bigo branch

/p> was the most popular anchor in the league of heroes last week, and it gained a huge majority of votes.for a moment, after two years of low tide, xiaozhi became the most popular anchor in the league of heroes.

little wisdom has a number of much love powder, these fans a lot is that little wisdom accumulation of wealth, doing video period over the years to follow a little wisdom passed on each platform.s and live in that haven't up, little wisdom of commentary video in the field of hero alliance, the audience is most little wisdom also because popular explanation and won the 2013 most popular explanation.

a lot of the audience is the deepest impression is"little wisdom green elder brother, double row", little wisdom will also has been mentioned in the commentary video green elder brother and putting everyone know brigitte elder brother and little wisdom is a good brother, and little wisdom has always been not seen face, so the appearance of green elder brother also became a little wisdom team of"face", or a little wisdom.

after the little wisdom do live, brigitte elder brother also has been followed with little wisdom.but the first few months of bigo suddenly and the small intelligence branch, bigo also in the national live broadcast of his own direct broadcast, and to the little wisdom to say nothing, the small wisdom of the direct broadcast to no longer see a lot of fans are very curious, why is the old brother, after so many, will suddenly become a family?at the time of bigo and little intelligence, there were basically fans asking why, but neither of them directly said it.

today little wisdom in live finally illustrates this matter, he and jade elder brother separate reason, is because of one thing-the wine.the original words of xiaozhi are as follows:

:"i'm not in touch with bigo, but i'm still a brother."drink daily drink everyday, can say no who is right who wrong, be time is wrong.if we don't meet, we'll always be we're going to stay together, and we're not going to be able to broadcast it to there's no contact for a short period of time.i'll get in touch after i don't live, but i can't drink with him."

little wisdom say to a few pieces of jade elder brother drinking broth, at this time there are fans mentioned before brigitte elder brother in evaluating the annual anchor microblogging help kathleen talk things, little wisdom to live a way:"that must have a lot of, at that time, i and xiao said this article, must have been drunk.there is no way, people or not necessarily to drink, to realize a bit of still ask two sentences less, ask a lot of me psychology also is not good.the following is a tweet from bigo.

so, since the childhood think words to admire the view, brigitte brother wisdom studio from my youth up to leave, should is because brigitte elder brother drinking too much at ordinary times the cause of no longer able to work together.

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