my world: you think an iron puppet is a piece of iron?you know the secret?

in my world there are many creatures in the game, among them including friendly creature, neutral and hostile of the creatures that the gamer is willing to play against in my world, xiao gong is going to introduce to you the iron puppet of the villagers.the iron puppet is a very powerful creature in my doesn't fall, it doesn't drown and it has the effect of immune repelling.iron puppet is a tough creature and it has the soft side of"han".do you know that?in fact, iron puppet has a lot of secrets that you don't know about, and then the little public offering to reveal the secrets of the iron puppet.

the production of iron golem:

iron puppet there will be some automatic generation system, at least a dozen villagers in the village of generation, so in fact, the player does not need natural generate some other village, only need more than a dozen villagers, as well as a house is ok, as long as have this, iron puppet naturally upgrade is complete.

iron golem's summon:

your players actually this kind of posture can also summon iron puppet, simply follow the"on the basis of t iron, and finally put pumpkin"the 4 pieces of iron in a t-shape, then place the pumpkin or jack-o '-lantern on top of the upper middle square.set out the shape of the scarecrow are very much alike with the field(to some degree feng puppet is villagers"scarecrow")

iron golem iron tender one side,"han"flowers for the villagers, this may is the reason why iron golem popular with villagers!

iron golem protect villagers moment:

in a world of my game, players are friendly and villagers, are popular with the villagers became a measure of villagers friendly attitude is an important basis for you.if you want to harm the villagers, then your popularity will be reduced, and once it is down to-15, the villagers' guardian iron puppet will see you as the enemy of the villagers.once you see the iron puppet as an enemy first it will give you a"eat"me an invincible iron fist, you imagine! sure...don't do these things on iron puppet

threw shadows at the end of the pearl at puppet in iron, iron puppet will instantly, and at the end of the film pearl blinking effect, puppet close combat, players can only with iron can hardly imagine that screen, do you still dare to easily to annoy the strong iron puppet?

is more than a small public election to introduce you to my strong enemy creature in the world iron puppet, the players you puppet and iron have what interesting secrets?the message area can be shared with other players.

, i like my world game players to focus on the small company and get more information.


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