do you know about the three famous theft cases of dnf?

theft is the most common case in dnf, but do you know the most famous pirate number in dnf?the theft was a hit, and almost no one knew that the numbers were worth tens of thousands, but they were still stolen, even if the protection was serious.

xu xu baby stolen, it estimated that everyone knows, xu xu baby, once stolen, complaint, mainly because of handing over this used to be a businessman, xu xu baby number to deal with him, did not think of space information friends information exposure, is said to have stolen qq number are the appeal, which number is stolen.when xu's account was retrieved, all the equipment in it was broken down, and the coins were that time, the baby was angry, called the police, and the thief was caught and spent several years in prison.

professor liao event, it was all, professor liao to several dozens yuan take others believe, to decompose the priceless epic gear, this is the work of others.then said that stolen people find professor liao girlfriend and teacher, but his girlfriend is not only admit that also reproached stolen, but his teacher didn't survey will guarantee this thing isn't professor liao, this is pure shield.however, in the end, liao was able to hide his wrongdoing, and eventually he was forced to admit his mistake and apologize publicly, and compensate for the theft of 6000rmb.

19 putian guy cause hack events, at that time, it is also a sensation the whole game, there is a god, in the game equipment is broken, material stolen, game currency short, everything before the game was looted.however, the putian man contacted the god, who said he was 19 years old, and if the police were caught, he would be destroyed in his life.of course, this was a great effort by the god of god, which could not be solved in a single sentence.the god and the thief knew privately that there was no legal way to go.

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