the screenshot of the old player through the firewire was full of memories, and the last words were already in tears

for the first time, the first time the movie, the first date, the first time on the internet, do you remember your first time?and when did you play the first time?

remember small make up i was playing in the summer of 2010, at that time was a new student, at that time because there is no id can only go on the internet to small internet cafe, a may 1 hour, special card and computer, just login to ten minutes, at that time, the schedule is always the right card in 64 will not move!

but also pretty much play cf, basically all regions will be crowded, i remember is the most like to play with, for the first biochemical pyramid, and was basically a biochemical, all the students in our class like to play with everybody discussion whenever their spare time, how much i killed that day, i caught many people.when i first played the biochemical pyramid, i remember that when i was caught and turned into a zombie, i thought i'd be able to catch one more person to become a human, and i played this rule for a week!

id is, there is no secure id at that time, there is a map of the most popular 13 area, in a few seconds at a time, a room 16 people, there are 10 jump in traffic light!but it's always me that gets squeezed.zombie is then changed, often is the zombie is never backwards and zombies, less as it is now up dui directly, but facing the zombies run, running also can hear the heartbeat, such as the car be safe!

there is one of the most exciting time is supply box, when i hear the sound of the plane buzzing, will quickly rushed down to pick it up and then began to boast forces, i picked up the biochemical grenades oh my god, i picked up rpk oh my god, i picked up the m4a1-s day!remember internet cafes there is always a person to play in the same place, although don't remember his name specific call what the game, but remember his team called buried love 灬 family, should be called buried...he was especially jealous of his equipment, m4a1-s, the desert eagle-a, the nepalese army knife, and the night rose!the most embarrassing thing about this is that when he sees him ac is 100, my friends and i will be confused.why is his 100 mine? what does ac do?

when the fire is the picture, and even in the dream want to pick up a golden gun ah, is picking up also not have!i have now taken up the destruction, with the fire of the unicorn, with the human consciousness and the marksmanship, and the built-in voice of the fire line.and i don't just open up the cf as a biochemical pyramid just like i used to, but i'm trying to get a high level in the gun rank!but the happiness is not as strong as before, maybe grow up, has passed the age of playing games!

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