we all know that jay chou lu han chen huo is the internet addiction teenager their game id you know

entertainment circle has a lot of stars keen to play games, such as nicholas tse playing wow and playing the missing, the amateur life of jincheng wu basically is playing games, the filming is the sideline.lin junjie's family will break the net with friends to open black dozen dota2.

jay playing video games have a habit, is wearing a mask, had previously said that in the process of the game may kill to want, will they practiced, for his own idol heavy baggage, decided to take a face mask to show operation.it's only jay chou who plays the news on the game.

memory once disclosure:jay playing games very much, no matter what teammates speak is playing alone;after the game, only to say to the side:ah, what did you just say?when the new song was sung, jay was photographed with the students to go black.

one of the most famous chen he play hero alliance, chen he id is tiger long ya, another is the fifth anniversary of ba dong ba tua chen he, the fire in chen he play"gourmet assume".

the chen he often abandon angelababy, have a baby"lu"to 3 o 'clock in the morning, use discout outbreak girl killed 18 help, all show the strength!baby id is angelababy007.

lu han a fan of the game, talked about lol he can say the along while don't stop.

and lu han id special domineering.running man exo and baby often play games together, and

id again to a star big exposure.

small make up think of the crane should be"nine hundred million"girl's dream.it is said that the best part of the league of heroes is the bronze group.is that right?

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