how abnormal is gary o % loss?ap hero test

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how much the resistance to beat gary?

garry is one of the heroes in the final version of central africa, and he is as tall as calista.the most common garrio system is seen as a"do what you want"squad.gallio's strength is mainly due to a reduction in his w skills, which is a hard cut of the total damage, so the full effect of 40% plus a variety of addition will make gary o 'o very meaty.

, how much can you fight?what happens when the highest mage in five lol, 1000 ap equipped, is attacked by a simultaneous attack?check it out!

1200 ap gary the

w minus 40%+40%, or 101% reduction injury!

against 5 ap all over thousand of outbreak of mage, high w after open...

no injury

because w is 100% reduction of injury, so mr gary didn't drop a drop of blood, that is his shield haven't been aborted.5 ap mages who have had the most damage and only 0 points in gary...

the beaten when gary hp see

as a shield is not broken, certainly didn't drop a drop of blood, and shield is almost full.although gallio can not be a pure ap output in the game, the defense outfit will also increase the effect of caglio, a single tank, protects a big mouth and becomes one of the most perverted teams in the finals.because it's a hard cut and there's not much of a good way to do it for the prototyping gallio.

this is the power of 100% decrease injury gary the w effect duration invincible!


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