how much money do you make when you have a full blown page?


page tour, which has been developing for more than 10 years.

, but you must not think that this kind of game is not flowing, very low.

because it is supported by a system of theoretical system that has been operating for more than ten years!

asked these pages to swim or make you not to make money now?

:previous page game research and development company, the monthly flow of water is not without.

is now well run, such as cq world, tw blue moon and so on, these pages are full bowl of money.


wool from must have been a player.

in this meow swim inside pages, a few years ago do top-up defined as of about 3 w r, namely money generally players.big r, namely the tuhao, charge 5w.there are also plenty of 10w players.this data is already conservative.

a few years ago, this meow game made a motorcycle ride, the game costs 20w rmb.

, don't doubt it, it's rmb.

:a legendary page tour with a modern mount, which is very windy and eye-catching.

> after the update, there is an immediate private customer service, if he directly charges 15w, can you send him one?

is very simple, we have a 15w income, and the tuhao is showing off the motorcycle in the game.

:don't doubt that there are such people in the world, we ordinary people look at him like a sb.

so don't doubt the purchasing power of the players and the economic ability, as long as your props to attract enough, property is good enough, the big local tyrants pursuit.

is a joke:

> a girl in her early 20s often goes to the beauty salon(a form of beauty), which costs a lot each time.

finally one day, the staff of the beauty salon secretly told her:young girl, you are still young, don't have to do this, waste money."/p>

"do you know how the little girl answered?

:i know.i just have money.

is just money!

is rich!



true heart!!!!!!

is not a good word, but a diaosi can't understand what tuhao is thinking.

, we never understand why the pen-player will play these games, and the day will be spent.

but we don't know that they have a daily fight.

:when you make millions of dollars a month, you don't care about drawing tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on a single game.

so when we earn these tuhao money, we have no guilt.







大概服务器前1%的玩家贡献了99%的收入,排名第一的如果要保持这个地位每个月至少冲两三万。almost all similar page trips are the same, and one or two of the players in the server's platoon can supply the entire page.

is to keep the players' motivation, one is to give these people the goal, such as the wearing of a golden player who often floats in front of them.

2 it is to these setbacks, such as after oneself also glittering by another more glittering people off with this street, the more the more high level need to charge money, status will be exalted, and so on.

the local tyrants, in her eyes, position is probably this

this time, her meaning came out.(see the previous article)

.now, in fact, the 30-to 40-year old guys are now in the midst of the most popular time in more than a decade.this kind of online marketing and the essence of the game are inherited the simple and crude this four word family precepts, whether charge or brush is a simple and crude, marketing reason is very simple, charge becomes.

as long as you can see the point to open the page, and you can still point to open after the two weeks(that the boss was no more than road) that stood inside in the downtown's most glittering that class must be filled more than 6 digits rmb gamers.


1% want to do?charge.


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