dedicated to online school!let the internet addicts play the game and they dare not play it for the rest of their lives

hello, this is a serious game.i'm a real kid.

, if the game is most interesting, the answer must be different.but when it comes to what kind of games are most boring, i'm sure everyone will have a strong resonance!like the following games, can challenge the history of the most, encounter such boring game to be able to hang on to the people, will not be mortal, at least is the power of the power of the extraordinary ox!

desert bus"

this is driving simulation game, the game of time synchronization and reality, players need to control a car 45 miles an hour in the desert road 8 hours, the game cannot suspend the archive.

:there is no scenery on the road except the desert, no passengers get on and off the bus, there is no radio, the player just keeps driving!drive!drive!and it would have to come back out of the end of the game, the player can reward one point, want a high score, and return the car in eight hours.the game is said to score five points!

"cat ball story:yu gong yi shan"

the game task is simple, clear goal, to help yu gong to dig mountain, dug up the stone dropped into a nearby river.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/p/p/p/p/p/p>/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/peach mountain needs to move 542,836 times, eight times a minute, and 1130.9 hours(47 days).the two mountains need not eat or drink for more than three months...

"in line 3 d

set is very rare and beautiful flower in line 3 d, players with a bunch of npcs queuing, over time, the player will gradually enter a state of sleepiness, need to refresh his fist against his(players at this time he will fall the blood, it will slowly h.).

, and when the team moves forward, each time the player moves the distance must remain in the half of the body, and if it goes beyond that, it will be out of the line and then from the end of the team.

<2013:trees simulation wood tomlinson

in the game, players will play a tree, can control the mouse to look around, but it can't move, so look at the forest from day to night.

do you think there will be other scenarios in the game?you underestimate the laziness of the designer, the game is to let you be a tree, the picture has been repeated day and night, intermittently the bird calls.

"knead a bubble"

some obsessive-compulsive disorder"patients"like bubble, the egg that still really has free of the pain is planned to make a"bubble bubble"game.the simple thing is to make a little bubble for someone who is obsessive-compulsive, to be accompanied by the sound of"popping"bubbles, and then there's no other way to play it...

ps:if anyone wants to see how boring these games are and exercise their willpower, it's easy to search and download online.if anyone can persist 30 minutes, the mentality does not collapse, calculate the younger brother loses!in fact, if these games are used in the addiction, they should also be effective.

"boys, go through these games!""/p>

"no, i'm not going to play games later...

:this is the game that the designer of the"tai"will make.please accept my little brother's knee!

the question:what makes you feel bored?


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