look at the value of a million billion of the courtyard of the long-like! faye wong has a vacuum basin here!

dou cd out of the new song"return to the demon", is now playing the music platform.this song is made by sinus lyrics and singing, but also the magic world tour theme song.

pleasure up, but most of them still around his abjection look like to start.

in fact, sinus is not so depressed that there is no media description, but still a stealth regal.

first, dou wei in beijing near the sea has a courtyard, which is what he can be called the reason for stealth tyrants, the courtyard now market value of 120 million yuan, is said to be zuobo home ancestral, more than 20 years ago to do band , sinus and companions are living here.in 1996, faye wong and dou wei lived in this courtyard for two years.

at that time, faye wong faded music, preferring to abandon hong kong's material life, , and sinus dwelling in this dilapidated courtyard.once a hong kong reporter photographed the"faye wong early diapers"photos, all of a sudden become explosive news.

not faye wong and sinus live here, which came out of a middle-aged aunt, snappily that has been removed, and then bang the door shut, but also with the old beijing cavity dumped one:who are you? who made you shoot?

moderator said bitterly:"so cold."

then the host interviewed a neighbor next to a beijing grandmother, said the grandmother said that the house that year is faye wong and sinus only live, moved after dou wei's mother lived here, just the middle-aged woman may be the mother of dou wei.

later sinus also in their own small courtyard near a real estate to buy two sets of two-bedroom house, with a unit with a floor, door to door of the two sets were given to her daughter dou jing tong and dou jiayuan.

he said as a father , to leave something for them, so when the daughter married, will tell each other that this is my father in a child to prepare her dowry.although the area is not large, her daughter may not see, but this is a father's mind.

however, these two sets of beijing second ring near the property, the current market is also more than 10 million.

dou wei to create the theme song"return to the demon"is by the western hills home network dragon jointly issued the"magic world tour"theme song, instantly, the user can"magic domain tour"official website or other music platform access.

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