jedi survive: china hand tour manufacturers can not imitate so embarrassing you

"jedi survive-battle royale"

steam must have been many game enthusiasts and small companions to open a good choice for black, because the"jedi survival"of a hot, leading to many domestic manufacturers began to build the game"with the paragraph", today to give you 5 domestic"jedi survival"hand tour.


the benefits of this game is a big map, but the picture is not beautiful, and many operations are very inconvenient, it is difficult to aim.the plane map is not synchronized, and sometimes occasionally suddenly sentenced to the bureau(do not know is not a rule), the overall action recovery is higher, but the scene simply play a few discs a little boring, with black or good.


screen compared to the exile or have some advantages, but play a few discs think it is not as good as cs category gun battle game , can not get on the ground, the map is a small 5 to 10 minutes, and the picture is more sophisticated, the map is too small to lead to complete is not a fugitive game but a turn just gun game, gou not a minute to meet a group of people.

"terminator 2"

have to say that this netease produced the game regardless of the screen or the operation is still very sophisticated , this is still in the test on october 3 will be out of andrews test.


"hundreds of battle royale"uses a low cost pixel style, the characters are for the box people, but does not affect the game's to say that the domestic game company is really for the domestic players really exercise enough heart, my mother no longer have to worry about money to eat chicken!

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