live in the end how much money? the anchor does not accidentally leak the bank card balances directly

in fact, the income of the anchor has always been a general speculation, no one said, but we can see the usual anchor lottery are generally tens of thousands of up and down, five or five open has also revealed his signing fee is 35 million.and recently also sent back to the background for everyone to read, you can see the light shark fin there are more than 1.96 million.but lu benwei count on the conscience of the anchor, he promised the money all with the form of lucky draw to fans.

at the time of the game, the lottery payment received the notice of the balance of the bank.see the balance after the barrage are fried

you can see the light is a bank card balance of more than 400 million, it is too fact, this is not surprising, the original hey because of the violation of the teeth from the tiger, the court frozen his property was burst out close to half a billion, that is nearly 50 million!

i do not know here do not know if you have no sense of the feeling of life? the