faker said that china is very powerful in the single for some reason he most want to fight against the night!

faker big devil where the skt clan has occupied the pinnacle of lol for three years, the world's first single faker is also the limelight masamori, the group stage and crazy scored three straight, but also there are thousands of economic backwardness of the miracle, then look at the faker big devil face the user to ask what kind of answer!

recently, we should have heard of, faker in the orphan peak crazy show yasuo things...although it was also collapsed to collapse, but saw the live racing, his yasuo really show no one looked surprised at the expression, and all are basic operations, you can sit down slowly slow to see...

can only say that edg lose no injustice, face on this powerful late operation of the devil, and only some helpless~

face the nickname users question, li brother heart or very beautiful, and very humble, that are like these nicknames!

last year's debut that is really handsome, this year if the point of special , it is estimated to be parachuting, ha ha~

want to travel, but the game is important, serious preparation, hope that lee can once again get good grades!

lee brother said he would like to and bdd fight, because the game in south korea time lost to him, it seems that li brother is very uncomfortable to lose ah, said china's single is very powerful, but most want to fight against the we night, because once lost him once!

it seems li brother want to fight against the opponent, who have beaten his people, not convinced of the momentum, no wonder to become a generation of great devil!