s finals first eight strong team was born! win the strong invincible

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fnatic:crocodile, ricksa, sindra, mice, piano

both sides of the game in the wild 2v2, playing wild to take a head 1 for 1.


at the same time lz under the road combination to kill the female, fnatic early to obtain a good balance was lz within a minute directly break.11 minutes lz and then take the road a blood tower economy began to lead the 2000 snowball.14 minutes dragons canyon pioneer all won by lz.18 minutes lz field defense counterattack to resolve the crocodile open group to kill fnatic two.

fnatic duo! then take the dragon again.

26 minutes khan jason single kill soaz crocodile

28 minutes while fnatic defends the middle of the road to kill the big mouth, but lz is still shot 1 change 2 in the case of breaking the fnatic road.

30 minutes fnatic almost out of the most perfect one but after pray to avoid the opponent's first round after the outbreak, decisive choice to fight directly with teammates to play 3 for 5 groups off fnatic! the key moment lz did not choose counseling, but the situation is very confident to fight against the fight, very exaggerated the overall control of the ability to control strong invincible! players personal ability is also excellent, the perfect implementation of tactics.

the final surviving jess and reiz removed fnatic base!

in this way, lz scored four points ahead of time, locked the group stage qualifying places, the worst case is played out of play one or two.but will lz lose to gam and imt? obviously this kind of thing is unlikely, although gam has a chance to beat lz.fnatic performance is pretty good, but now 0-4, they still exist the possibility of theoretical outlet, need their own efforts to beat gam and imt, and sustenance lz double kill the two teams, the formation of three 2-4 play.

in short, congratulations lz become the first quarter of this year's top eight teams! have said that this team is not afraid of milk, no doubt they are the world's most powerful clan, is the biggest favorites this year to win!


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