s season award finally exposed and dream hand together to open the curtain of the new season

king of the glory of the season immediately ended, s9 season award finally exposed!

this is a color with the white from the same material, are based on the blood of a red e-based real skin, the skin named fearless spirit-gluttonous(tāo tiè) the

after the end of the season, continue along the s8 season reward mechanism, the player you must qualify for the victory of the ten wins can be too new people tiayi new gluttonous skin.taiyi live is not optimistic, and finally with the player's proficiency to improve, seconds and seconds to the second floor of the air and in situ resurrection called a 6! taiyi live new skin gluttonous festive more than! in fact, the mythology of the gluttonous is the ancient chinese mythology and legends in a mysterious monster, alias called roe deer, ancient book"shan hai jing north second classics"introduced its characteristics are:its shape such as sheep body face, eyes in the armpit, tiger teeth hand.

the name can be metaphor greedy, people are generally called"glutton"."zuo zhuan"recorded in the gluttonous jin yun's son, rather than some of the novel said the dragon child.

there is a new hero on the line, it seems that the human and animal harmless, meng meng da look like

but this is so cute new hero, people are very unexpected is that even has a very brutal side.

when it enters the battle, its nature is completely revealed , the eyes become blood red, claws look look on the ferocious.

however, after the end of the battle even went to find na lulu to sell meng the

in addition, the new season joined the actual practice mode, after a small partner there is a special place to practice the hero~~

the name of the level of proficiency, paragraph all shield, the name has a hero name instead, their friends can see oh~

in this way, practicing heroes can rest assured that bold"pit teammates"~

how, now is not looking forward to the arrival of the s9 season?

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