what about the twenty days of the hosts? open broke: eat chicken will be banned has found alternative games

this time, jedi survive in china can be said to be a big fire, that is, netizens often mentioned in the mouth of the chicken game.however, in yesterday's 55 open on the live said that eating chicken will be banned.

some time ago there have been rumors that eating chicken will be banned, a lot of friends that this is cool, but then tencent is about to cover the news of the agent, in the crowd that nothing, the coming or to come.55 open in yesterday's live and did not eat chicken as usual, but play a similar to eat chicken game.

everyone is puzzled and why is not playing chicken, 55 the other is because the chicken is about to be banned for 20 days, and have to find a game to replace it? this game and jedi to play exactly the same way to play , but the picture is different, play is also more rich and interesting, we can first look at the live re-evaluation well

in fact, as early as last week, tencent's live platform had announced the anchor we will suspend the launch of no edition or without the ministry of culture filing for the import of the game, and jedi survival is not yet the introduction of the domestic ministry of culture without the record of the import game, so off the air is also a matter of course.

even the big sima also live to the netizens confirmed the matter , we all know that although he is very skin but still very strict talk.as long as it will be banned for a long time it is difficult to say, if by 55 open that is to be banned for 20 days, but in the small bucket view, this is likely to be lifted in the short term, the law put it may have to wait until tencent official jade life to have the opportunity to see the anchor who eat chicken.