now is the lpl carry the mlxg was originally wuhu god scolded the waste

tomorrow, the second round of the group stage is about to start, excitement, not happy, following the edg play hao hao take 0-3, rng play flat, only got 3-0 record, you can i am sorry for the day, the next sorry, i am sorry the audience and the folks.

was widely criticized in addition to the rng only took four kill uzi in addition, left the kda extremely poor fight mlxg, and cancer, simply cancer, this is not the case of kda seriously mixed with the lpl, it is incredible.

with the increase in the visibility of mxlg, there are users who burst once the incense pot in the rng face relegation and wuhu god when the contradiction of a screenshot, this was ranked first in the national dress of the great mad mad cursed mlxg is a lspl player, xiang pot this temper is weak, will only stand opposite the wild area did not dare to enter their own wild area half step to play wild, naturally crazy to open, the scene was unable to control.

hi! netizens naturally one-sided support mlxg, after all, good people we all like, in contrast to the daily broadcast of the wuhu god we can not buy a book, in fact, play a game point is not a big thing, the key is the name, put me in wuhu big sima teacher where? where is it? ok?

however, according to xiao bian personally observed, wuhu god is still very good temper i would like to rng, we yue yue yueyong, hey, edg ah, let me pig how to wash you how to wash, how to wash?

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