51 broadcast direct comment edgvsskt: many people do not understand this game you do not understand the game!

many water friends have asked five open, why did not skt surrender? fifty-five hard smile replied:you do not see the game on the pointing country well, you can not read the game, many people can not read, you do not understand the game.so ugly in the studio began to talk about competition, analysis of why skt will comeback edg.


skt lineup:clockwork, mouse, big insect, los, prince.

edg lineup:obama, rambo, excavator, wind girl.

in the single winding vs obama:

obama is a prelude to the front of the winding, you know, heroic league this game is fair, you pre-selected hero to restrain opponents, to the middle of the game you are certainly not a useful winding.so the game in the leading 5k economy, edg is no advantage, edg leading 1w economy can lead the lead, edg lineup is the pre-lineup, so the election of obama's leading 1w economy should be, edg lineup is the pre-lineup.

on the single big insects vs rambo:

on the line rambo advantage, big insects and clockwork encounter obama with rambo is the extreme sewer.

the combination of mice and mice, or xia more powerful, because the excavator this hero caught very good caught, and 2v2 when the mice and luo's injury has been seconds off xia and wind female, so edg road can not be killed.fengnv q and r can interrupt the control of the prince and luo, very restrained skt lineup, skt two open heroes have been constrained by the virgin.can only rely on the big insect q skills, but in the professional game q so good? so skt before the very difficult to play, there is no ability to open the group.

play wild:prince vs excavator:

first excavator with the prince in the wild must be excavator advantage, excavator can be said that this version of the wild overlord! he is not afraid of anyone, the prince eq can be interrupted, your prince will never interrupt the excavator skills, excavator w can interrupt the prince's eq, big move can hide your big move and eq, wild area is the advantage line.

damage contrast:

clockwork vs barack obama(edg advantage)

big insects vs rambo(edg advantage)

(edg advantage)

in the case of three-way advantage, all the way to balance the situation, edg play 9:0 should be, is the normal play, or even that is very good play.because in the game 9:0, leading 1w economy is difficult to play out, especially in the skt such veteran kings.

edg did not stabilize after playing the advantage, i saw them regiment, they can not be 0 for 4, you know? assuming you play 9-0 in the qualifying, leading the 1w economy, the equivalent of each person more than a large plus two high-speed dagger, you can understand each person more than 50 points across the attack and 24 attack speed, everyone's attributes are superior to each other.why would not it win? it can only be said that the middle of the mistakes, and may be tactical or command error, edg can play 9:0 that is certainly strong teams, understand my meaning you?

30 minutes later


&#gt; excavator

skt this lineup is even behind the 5k economy, as long as the delay after 30 minutes basically did not have to fight.

heroes union this game is fair, you 10 minutes before the hero niubi, then you 30 minutes later, certainly not 10 minutes do not niubi hero niubi!

skt lineup buff effect:30 minutes later comes with 7000 economy.

edg lineup buff effect:the line period comes with 2000 economy.

itself leading 1w economy, was recovered 5000.

30 minutes after skt comes with 7000 economy

is equal to skt leading 12000 economy

an ancient dragon 5000 economy

is equal to skt last but in fact skt lead 7000

in the end, the two teams are balanced economy


to blame the edg is not timely to stabilize the situation, the loss of the early establishment of the great advantage, but also in disguise the skt is still the most terrible of the team, in such a desperate can also comeback! hope edg can make persistent efforts to win the next game!