jedi survival battle of the whole firearms do not understand how to eat chicken?

believe that many players like me, with the"jedi survival battle"inside a variety of guns do not understand, usually what is han, the choice of priority rifle, today i sort out some basic knowledge of firearms, hoping to help you eat chicken.(hit damage are single damage)



vss is a muffler sniper rifle, is even spy, not recommended.m24


m24 is also in the same$8

landing 98k+8 times mirror, ask you cool cool.burst 2 helmet+full head injury 99.99, hit damage 72


selective firepower designated shooter rifle, hit damage 60


even spy, under normal circumstances the body 3 guns two shots, as the gun back seat is more automatic rifle, firing rate is also slow.hit damage 55

2.automatic rifle


better to get started with a rifle, accessories are not hard to find, suitable for novice use, hit damage 41


a furthest shot of a shotgun, after the installation of choke, a little distance also have a fight.hit the damage 25


5 of the capacity can improve the fault tolerance, the novice can be used, the best use of the room.hit the damage 25


you can use rifle accessories , but is a 5-shot shotgun, not common, better than s1987.hit pistons< br/>

p18c, hit the hitter< br/>

injury 19.p92, hit damage 29.r1895, hit damage 46.p1911, hit damage 35.

6.melee weapons

machete, sickle, crowbar hit damage are 60, pound hit 80

7.other weapons

crossbow, very strong assassination of weapons, but it is difficult to use, hit damage 105

m249, hit injury 44

hematemesis, inadequate please excuse me.i feel that with the help of hope can be a little bit of concern, point a praise, very grateful.

finally wish you a good luck, eat chicken tonight


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