anchorwoman to sicong propaganda: please pay all!


anchorwoman to sicong propaganda: please pay 20 million!

Korean anchorwoman unpaid 20 million

today, one more thing: had a Korean anchorwoman wrote a letter to sicong.Of course, this letter is not a poetic, but the war debt collection.

anchorwoman to sicong propaganda: please pay 20 million!

as they move up the bench, watching sicong how to respond, have a claim to be a panda former executive staff jumped out, and do some kind of response of thousands of words.

to sum up: the panda live not money, not grateful their own Yin Su wan, instead of black, it is brutal and cold blooded!

anchorwoman to sicong propaganda: please pay 20 million!

South Korea famous anchorwoman Yin Su wan with the angelic face, enchanting hot figure, and signs of sexy dance attracts a lot of fan, a "live one elder sister" of South Korea.

anchorwoman to sicong propaganda: please pay 20 million!

Yin Su wan afreeca platform has a very high popularity in Korea.In 2016, was sicong to contract signing for the panda TV live broadcast, her popularity in the domestic, and the price of the contract is said to have reached $20 million.But according to her letter, 20 million signing bonus she doesn't even have to see.

what's more, the panda TV even don't abide by the "only on the premise of pandas live TV do the most basic commitment" to pay economic compensation.Yin Su wan joked that sicong if no money, you can start asking his father for a bit.

she said she considered legal action, but that can't win the lawsuit in China.Yin Su wan also said that if the panda TV forgets to pay compensation, then she will try to set up a signing consulting fund, help the lack of legal knowledge of personal web celebrity, single for public welfare donations.

panda spending money on TV "local tyrants fei"

panda live the company was established in July 2015, platform was officially launched on October 21, 2015, the monthly number of active users reached 80 million pandas live so far, of more than 150000 monthly active anchor, live content covering the games, entertainment and variety, and other fields.

panda TV is sicong investment to do a live platform, sicong and President wang also signed many female stars, which also includes some Korean, lavishly.More news exposure, sicong on a domestic goddess anchor invested two hundred million, don't know what is a man can get the favour of the headmaster?

sicong spent two hundred million investment anchorwoman exactly is who?She is cosette on Tuesday, the original TV anchorwoman, betta later moved to panda, become a panda anchor, is not only the senior players of the clothes hero alliance, also is very good at singing, also recently doing a pandakill live.In the panda TV after, immediately attracted a large number of fans.

anchorwoman to sicong propaganda: please pay 20 million!

and as early as 2015, sicong is revealing he has successfully signed a contract with the goddess Angelababy, will be hired as the host.

anchorwoman to sicong propaganda: please pay 20 million!

famous e-sports platform anchor into battlegrounds

e-sports game for lovers, they choose to live platform the most critical look at a few elements: a, platform, whether to have more attractive content and high quality quality of clarity;Second, the level of competitive skills and;Third, event and the popularity of the host.

among them, the host is the most important resource platform, the host can even decide to live platform of high quality or not between life and death.E-sports live, however, due to the unique phenomenon of low threshold characteristics and gold rush, many in the number of participants.In today everyone can live today, make a star anchor is very difficult, therefore, famous anchor become the hottest of scarce resources.

anchorwoman to sicong propaganda: please pay 20 million!

throughout each big live platform at present stage, whether it is produced, the banner, dragon ball or panda TV soon, all the "battle" is essentially the host resource grab.

whether professional or vase, as long as it is affected by the audience favorite anchor, platform can import a lot of traffic and users.For the new panda TV, will choose what types of anchors, e-sports game is a lot of fans are very concerned about the problem.

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