zhang daxian default rather than from the penguin bettas are its reason is very simple

must see king glory live classmates are selectively recently discovered that a great god, and there is nothing wrong, he is Zhang Daxian, may we know he is on the penguins live platform, and small make up also recently looked at the king of glory live, found that is the true nima, and the growing popularity of Zhang Daxian beyond even the one betta 50-50.Now the king of glory popularity points minutes seconds kill LOL, so king glory live has emerged a large number of popular anchor, Zhang Daxian is one of them.

Zhang Daxian rather default is to from the penguin bettas, its reason is very simple

king glory betta anchor sentiment

and everybody's most concerned about is why Zhang Daxian abruptly left the penguin job-hopping, selectively and penguins e-sports boss recently is also sent weibo, Zhang Daxian abruptly left, did not contact us in advance, more things didn't mention the penalty due to breach of contract.E-sports boss penguin is a very have feelings of the people, and not directly accused Zhang Daxian bad faith, but the former dribs and drabs things speak out, and put himself and Zhang Daxian WeChat chat screenshots also sent out.

Zhang Daxian rather default is to from the penguin bettas, its reason is very simple

WeChat chat

so the question is coming, it is default, why Zhang Daxian or decisively to selectively, in the face of penguins, Zhang Daxian reply thank penguins platform company all the way, and his job because they need money to pay for your home.Seems the betta is the net cost, estimated compensation is also given money selectively.And Zhang Daxian estimates also got to selectively cash to pay, this is also estimated Zhang Daxian jumped the most direct reason of the betta, penguins also said ever had time to send Zhang Daxian wages, Zhang Daxian too can't wait until that moment.

Zhang Daxian rather default is to from the penguin bettas, its reason is very simple

Zhang Daxian

this king of glory poaching also reminds small make up of the 2016 major platform to dig the scene of a man in order to dig the popular anchor, various throw money, in order to seize market, betta dug many king glory popular anchor, amazing, dragon ball, such as the banner of the platform did not join the bidding war, as if only bettas are burning money desperately grab people, this shows the strength of the betta is not compromised.

may be somebody feels Zhang Daxian is not based on true fact, small make up I just want to say, money, who can't have too much!

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