war wolf passion but do you know the past to evacuate the humiliation of event?

"war Wolf 2" is now pushing 4 billion mark, in addition to fall into the meat of the explosive action scenes, bring us more is through the evacuation events at the national pride, movie last more fuel to fly up the passport of the People's Republic of China.However, the development of our country's comprehensive strength is through the efforts of several generations, in the past in terms of foreign affairs to evacuate, we also experienced a variety of humiliation.

we war broke out in 1998, the swift action.Us directly to send military cargo planes to evacuate, through diplomatic means to Chinese embassy requests us to help, but refused to carry any request of the Chinese people in the United States, and even before promised to help women and children to retreat commitment also refused to accept.Finally, hundreds of Chinese take five small fishing boat ticket, in Saudi Arabia, and returned to China, can be said to be full of humiliation of evacuations, but our navy is at the early stage of development, and no ability to help, even warships have the ability to open the first island chain a little.

the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, the emergency evacuation, in the United States has sent the whole fleet to evacuate, while China can only rent a giant ship arrange evacuation, just start, the development of the country could take care of military development, the preliminary forming blue-water navy, did not have enough ability, also can not get the Indian Ocean countries, countless soldiers tiger eye restraining tears he could do nothing.A bit of time to the country again, we must catch up!

2009 Haiti earthquake, the Chinese government learned that disaster, emergency transfer passenger aircraft to evacuate, local airport, however, has been the dominating the occupation, can only transport the United States, the Chinese government after consultation, 20 minutes to get the landing time, will take back 48 overseas compatriots, however, China has already endure enough is enough, also has to show his ability.

Libya's civil war of 2011, China sent including military aircraft, civilian flights, passenger ships, warships, passenger cars, foreign airline charter flights, international liner to evacuate, such as short time nearly forty thousand people to take back our country, while the westerners can only watch with red Chinese passport leave the war zone, but nowhere to go;War in yemen in 2015, a Chinese warship formation directly into the yemen facility, to draw the line, to draw the Chinese security area, the people's liberation army armed with assault rifles alert, warships pointed the gun at a war zone, helicopter gunships on standby alert, finally auto_moodgp_leavingcombatarea_alt there safely, all the Chinese americans has not been a government bailout.As "2" the war Wolf last dialogue: you these people is weak and timid, it has been bullied.A cold front a. that TM was before!

pay attention to me, more historical anecdote is waiting for you to explore!

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