Ti near the Chinese Dota regression of the Random jump jump cut announced his retirement


this several days the contradiction between the Wings and ACE travels.ACE, the club, the Random members issued a long tell you some things.In the whole of China Dotaer da ce criticism.EHOME officer announced yesterday evening y team and xiao Ming whip EHOME transfer success.While the former Ti6 champion jumped knife knife today weibo long, oneself will be retired for a period of time, leaving the field.

Ti near the Chinese Dota regression of the Random jumped knife knife announced his retirement

the original weibo:

after winning TI6, I remember tao brother sent an article, worry about get lost after we get so much money and honor yourself. It won the game after my heart is calm, I am confident we five kind, honest, true love Dota teammates aren't meant to be these things down.

the zhouyi there is such a word, "the gentleman hold world with virtue".In get so many bonuses, to obtain such a high honor, as well as get the support of so many people after we do need to obtain a certain growth to carrying.I think my teammates and I "DE" is not thick enough, so the "slide" have been problems.

in the departure event, we think we do right decision, and the implementation, but the result is not you first thought.Adhere to their own cognitive not wrong, the problem is in the process, because of our social experience, lack of experience, may be considered in dealing with this matter is not very comprehensive, resulting in the club, alliance, the disputes between players, this is the place where we do well.

two days before my teammates between happened some unpleasant things, all because of communication, the in the mind have a little a knot in one's heart.Previous tournaments and life also often quarrel, even break into a furious rage, but calm down things clear after everyone is still good brothers.We five was the five love DOTA, want to play DOTA, five people run to a pure heart.Wish my four teammates in their respective professional road more walk more good!

the last thank you very much has always been concerned about me, the people who support me!Three consecutive years of career let me have some exhaustion of body and mind, I think it's time to stop and rest, do some adjust itself and promoted.But I'm professional field is still full of hope and confidence, will return in the near future.

Ti near the Chinese Dota regression of the Random jumped knife knife announced his retirement

in this short time less than a year, Wings from Ti6 champion to dissolution, it was the crying.Ace back to the great pot now, all the CN Dotaer began to lambaste ace, time dota circle after several waves.

Ti near the Chinese Dota regression of the Random jumped knife knife announced his retirement

there are three instructions of former members of the Wings to think about it, there are two ice and shadow to think is unknown.What is life or ace will deal with this matter?We don't know, but still sincerely hope that they can better.That summer can continue to compete, because they once gave us so many happy memories, is the glory of their defending CN Dota.

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