A bronze the call of the dead

the hero alliance to play much, only to find that what lin2 zi3 da4, what bird all have.As a long involvement summoner canyon bronze the dead, small make up the in the mind have suffered trauma.Thought the session should be formal, but never thought of the original bronze qualifying, even not matching, matching may also occur because a great god, and the bronze can only be bronze.

in this district, what wonderful work combination could see, you have seen prince auxiliary?Have seen the AD's hand?Have seen the rope wild?This is not matter!Blademaster colossus, because in the bronze flutter xenzhao with thunder, jian ji to bring healing, ez ghost fire...Transmission is really preach to deliver, full of blood of seconds a large residual.vn, blademaster open R and rushed to the guys, no matter where his teammates, only heard a scream...

road AD as a name, met a good auxiliary fighting natural smooth fluent, if meet a stupid cow, you are the life cannot provide for oneself of pit.Bronze auxiliary common features are: go out without a salary, across the river don't do vision, don't buy's eye, don't sell together, is often AD against damage, beat yourself slip first, don't give AD set of skills...Is often a dozen however you want to control the line, the auxiliary completely do not understand, help you clear the line.Sometimes tend to be assistant took the man's head, but also to taunt the AD didn't output...

do you know why you can't go to the king?Because you have the consciousness of the diamond, but has a bronze of the victims of his teammates.

a bronze the call of the dead

when to play and when, when, when forced to, where to play, how to play, play with the dragon or push tower, they almost have no idea.Was the most hateful, why the people are so strong, his teammates, besides can BB, as if also will only send the man's head.

sometimes, had angry, just want to report, but it is clear that the report was GeXueNaoYang for bronze dead, dead pig is not afraid of scalding water.Also, you have not necessarily gush of somebody else.Sometimes think, seems to be the scythe of award, really doesn't do anything.

a bronze the call of the dead

a bronze the call of the dead

our wild dragon turtle head sent 16 people, and super god also does not change the game state

a friend said, his play on the road to play well, suddenly way.vn came with robot runway middle road, sent across a wave head, track on the road again, early gank seems to play wild things, a.vn don't go online development, also run around, don't jump to blame.At this moment our duo under the road just 6, on the runway road brush wild wild area, what is more ridiculous, just about ten minutes, the two make forced to play valley pioneer!!!!!!Want to know when they level 6.Ok, after finished, the two make forced to continue to fool on occasion to run to me to play on the road, the next road sent a tower.I hope that you want to change the line.On a single, I quietly went to the road, I didn't think the two make force ran down the road again.Line, I go on the road again.Results, wildest dreams.vn ran wild area to brush across the wild!A stunted brush.vn development does not go to the wild, the result is, of course, send the head, opposite the blademaster directly taken off.Worse, after send head, this shipment is hang up!!!!Is the human heart will have ten thousand grass mud horse pentium ~ after the key is to play a wave group, teammate choose to surrender, the goods didn't be ruling!!!!!!!!So anger toward me to find tencent's customer service, the result is shining the official language.And to report before their own wild (figure 2) after the head was sent 16 people to report, also did not award!Even the game interface to send tip head all have no!Ruling the scythe of really work?To report really work?Don't ask me, ask ma.

a see.vn record, a look I don't know, see the more wonderful.a bronze the call of the dead

how could I be on this kind of person?!!!!!!!!!!My own data also not bad!!!!!!

a bronze the call of the dead

a bronze the call of the dead

can happily play a game?Obviously not.

I often watch live, whenever encountered a group of teammates, heart is collapse.Really is the king of Kings, the dead is dead, bronze, it seems can't walk out.

a bronze the call of the dead

so, or cost-effective compared with friends, on the single want to points, in the bronze?That doesn't exist.

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