Blizzard could make an exception for another game fate 2 PC version will log in diablo iii

Bungie formally announced last night online game "fate 2" the first real game trailer, also make sure the PC version of the game will choose by blizzard games platform ladder operates.

ladder before has been the only provide blizzard home game service, from the world of warcraft to "watch the pioneer" and so on many game can purchase, download games by

"fate 2" because it is activision is responsible for the cause of the issue, so also USES the blizzard's diablo iii gaming platform, at present we still not sure whether the future will log in STEAM and Windows 10 app store.

in addition, the PC version "fate 2" support 4 k resolution, don't lock the frame rate, support set keys keyboard operation, text chat, adjust the stadia, any display, and more Settings.

the fate 2 has been open to booking, will be officially launched on September 8.

blizzard should make an exception for another game PC version

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