17 year old guy with mobile game Continuous fighting sudden cerebral infarction 40 hours

a 17 year old guy, with mobile game, continuous fighting afterbrain infarction attack, more than 40 hours after rescue alive, but need long time to rehabilitation.Expert: playing games people brain nerve will be in a state of high tension, superposition of other factors can induce cerebral infarction, may induce disability and even death at any time.Too crazy mobile games will cause great harm to the body, at the same time mobile game also gradually become the breeding ground of illegal crime.Then we in the entertainment at the same time, how to maintain their property safety?

1, WeChat yourself and don't easily tell QQ account password to others, especially the other side to be extra careful when you provide the verification code!

2. Don't forward or click on the not released through official channels games links, more don't fill in the personal information.

3, significantly lower than the market price is favorable to watch carefully, before making the transfer or consumer decision should now to the authorities to understand, to avoid trap into a liar.

4, as a young player's parents, should be a clear warning a child, don't game, and told them of the shark's case, the con alert children don't trust a liar rhetoric.

5, parents pay for their mobile phone is encrypted, does not change the password, to prevent children in their consumption unwittingly with mobile phones.

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