"King", if the wind live embarrassing scene: hundreds of thousands of viewers that nobody barrage

about the popularity of higher LOL anchor, believes that if the wind almost all players have all heard this ID.From pro transition to anchor, perhaps one if the wind is not successful, but he is also belong to the first batch of successful people, this is from poking fun at his "pork floss bread" terrier is evident.

although if wind retired as the starting point of the host is very high, but this does not affect his blind beat a good hand.From a first person annoys incarnation "e-sports retired veteran cadres", "king", etc to the nearest live tears, if the success of the wind when his players during the accumulation of popularity quickly.

recently, a net friend in the post bar to expose the screenshots: if the wind studio

according to the original poster, four hundred thousand the number of people watching, barrage was seen in a vacuum, this kind of situation is never seen before.

in live some time ago, there have been 1.5 million viewers barrage of little weird scene:

as to why will appear this kind of circumstance, believe that you have several brother heart.Finally can only be advised weibo king low key personhood, perhaps can regain the powder transfer road, turn black audience for his confidence!

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