"The glory of the king" $288 of new skin exposure, pang tong netizen review: the odd

new king glory hero pang tong visual immediately ready to log in formal clothing, all of the to be able to have eight new hero already no stranger, I'm afraid.The hero also be marked with one of the most difficult operation, because of all the focus on the hero skill, just ignore a detail, skin.

pang tong: close puppet

the visuals of the image is pang tong's own skin, not beautiful, also belong to high levels of that kind of appearance, small make up like a hermaphrodite.Has curious friend pang tong 288 after having seen the original painting skin effect how?Although there is no official release, but earlier but there's a skin for the BUG accidental exposure before!

classic skin

with the title is a classic skin, that means this is a system with the skin, but now online pang tong did not use this skin, so there are two possible:

1, the skin is as the classic skin originally, because the design is not ideal, was abandoned

2, the skin will be as pang tong 288 selling


puppet is killed matt style can be seen from the picture, looks very strange!Dyeing hair reminds small make up of the judge dee...Puppet is not going well, but the pang tong concept are boys, at least not too feminine as version now

the skin may be out of work, with a final day beauty official release, if the skin is 288 friends can you start?Of course, all this is the premise of pang tong to launch formal suit!

let's hope the new hero pang tong!!!!!It is said that the hero in experience very fire!Seems worth of, let us look forward to!

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