"Contra" domestic film project: the plot exposed Has the Chinese hero

"contra" is a lot of game players childhood love, after 90, 80, bill and lance two tough macho man gun recruit.After so many years in the past, contra live-action film project, incredibly still taken by Chinese film companies.

a film" contra "appeared in the administration of radio, film and television public inquires the page, and have successfully project, approved, produced by starlight splendid pictures co., LTD.

"contra" movie synopsis: in 1988, a huge meteorite crashed on an uninhabited island near east sand.Chen Jiang and Li Zhiyong to investigate, but found nothing.After 29 years Chen Jiangpa agents lancer and bill to the destruction of evil kestrels criminal group, however, another person, the whole event is derived from that alien meteorites fall...

the author of the heart" contra "bill and lance real actors is Sylvester stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who do not know Chinese movie will pick to play the two classic tough guy.

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