"Meteor butterfly sword" fourth star, moreover to fall

on April 12, tencent agent "new recorded meteor search sword" in the website announcement, announced the shutdown.

time to push for a year, in 2016 the UP tencent entertainment annual conference, "new recorded meteor search sword" officially announced, and announced plans to open "kung fu fighting" segment game category, on April 27 when the open beta testing.In exactly one year later, in 2017 the UP before the conference, which is still in beta game in its declaration of death.

this is the fourth meteor series, is the meteor series of failure for the fourth time.At the same time, it is likely to be the last time.

killer action

in 2002, China has seen a 3 d martial arts ACT game "meteor butterfly sword.net, it appears a sweep with martial arts at that time the turn-based game market, rhythm slow, heavy light battle of old culture, drama and will be in the form of a kind of approximate grapple game gives a brand-new interpretation of Chinese martial arts.

" meteor butterfly sword.net "adapted from Mr Cologne wuxia novel of the same name, the original compared with previous wuxia novels or game, it tells the story of the pattern is very small, no home countries all over the world, not wulin equal, there are only a small organisation in jianghu Mafia in the story of the struggle as well.Story of most of the characters can't even for your life to make a choice, the killers of life from the beginning to the end only a moment of glory.

"meteor butterfly sword.net" inherited the spirit of the original kernel, it is divided into single plot parts with many people, single story almost negligible, the model's biggest feature is for players to be familiar with the operation and map.Quintessence part of the game lies in multiplayer, in multiplayer, players like a real killer, and the enemy.Game USES the third person fighting, due to the exquisite skills and walk quite a bit, has a lot of weapons and LianZhao system at the same time, the game very popular.

"meteor butterfly sword.net" in the popular domestic, became all the Internet cafes will install the game - although are pirated.

unfortunately, although the idea and the game trend is very consistent, but at the time of the various limitations, did not get the real success.Official server capacity is insufficient, players play against broadband is not enough to meet the fluency of anytime and anywhere, and rampant piracy, the cracked pirated games to secure support LAN also makes the official on-line can't play a role against piracy, has caused a major blow to sales of the game.

although failed to sell, but in" meteor butterfly sword.net "official has a large number of players after stop updating its not forget for a moment, to draw the taichung of all stripes in domestic still active they figure, they exercise" martial arts ", "martial arts", in order to make up for the official also failed to complete the balance of fixed spontaneous developed "recruitment bans" "ban wu".

" meteor butterfly sword.net "video" true secret kill record, produced in 2003.

all in all, "meteor butterfly sword.net" with its across age design ideas with the unique fighting system has won great reputation, reputation but failed to make "meteor butterfly sword.net developers in Taiwan yu springs international commercial success.

"meteor butterfly sword.net" official server in yu springs face completely shut down after a series of operation failure, yu springs international was perfect in the mainland branch in Shanghai, yu spring retreat to Taiwan, along with all hands to perfect and yu springs ace IP "meteor butterfly sword" and "online edition to thrive.

"meteor butterfly sword.net go to, but the meteor trajectory is still unfinished.

lean of cardiac

Cai Jun loose, once Ren Yuquan deputy chief, production director of the international game production, creative director, producer of the game.Is the "father" of the meteor.

although for most players, Cai Jun loose this name may not be familiar with.But he made the game, as long as it is concern about martial arts game players at the turn of the century should will be familiar.

in 2002 completed the" meteor butterfly sword.net "sales result is not good, and SARS in 2003," meteor butterfly sword.net "stopped updating, yu spring start to look for overseas development.

in 2003, the United States on the E3, the "meteor butterfly sword.net" displayed by Sammy Studio, and invite yu spring for the XBOX developing custom version of "meteor butterfly sword.net" - north American custom version called "Phoenix" Iron (Iron Phoenix), America's "meteor butterfly sword.net" a lot of art and special effects on aspects of change, and custom to handle operation optimization.End result is a strange feeling of match well of Chinese and western characters, moves with a lot of magical effects of "meteor butterfly sword.net", "iron phoenix" battle scenes hot point than the original, but the color of the "martial arts" is strong enough.

the work on the E3 expo in 2004 won the "best creative award" game, to achieve international success.But at that time, who also have never thought, this is the beginning of the meteor sequel have fallen.

as responsible for the issue of the overseas company internal change, due to elaborate the iron phoenix single part of the whole plot was cut, leaving only the multiplayer mode will caocao, dispersing pertains to work plan is not as expected, the invested yu spring a large amount of manpower and money" iron phoenix "became a business failure.

the iron phoenix in 2005 officially released after a few years, yu spring inside no one dared to mention restart meteor sequel.

"iron phoenix" after a few years, yu spring with the iron phoenix lay a reputation abroad started a variety of working overseas, while also undertake the SEGA legends "Sally wood" online "Sally wood OL" production work, like in the game theory will be built into the "meteor butterfly sword.net" combat "Sally wood" in the system, but unfortunately the Sally wood OL finally without success.

from the iron of the phoenix" after about three years after E3 exhibition, yu spring just come out from the failure of the "iron phoenix", began to consider "meteor butterfly sword" continue, this time they decide to first as some of the strange ".net "suffix is changed to a more accord with the suffix of The Times.

-- "meteor butterfly sword Online".

the difference between life and death one

actually "meteor butterfly sword Online" (hereinafter referred to as a meteor OL), and today's "new recorded meteor search sword" is not a game, but they exist long and time wandering, occasionally for a lot of attention to meteor sequel players, "meteor butterfly sword.net" sequel seem to exist for Online games and don't seem to exist, it seems always wanders in your side, but you can never catch it.

"meteor OL" as the starting point in the ten years ago.In 2007, yu spring internal think four years in the international cooperation has a level of exercise a mature team, shooting to restart the time is ripe, after after a year of development, in 2008 China Joy, the exhibition "meteor OL" appearance.

2008 CJ" meteor OL "should be on the show has aroused the attention of the old fan, step-by-step as those years' time in the online game" a member of a component, was supposed to be like that, but the meteor series as suffered the curse generally suffered a major blow again.

the producer Cai Jun pine's words: "originally radiant meteor crashed into a piece of unknown, never color."

CJ - 2008 shortly after the show, the club "meteor butterfly sword" series of yu springs international pulled out of the mainland market, in December 2008, yu spring Shanghai subsidiary acquired by perfect world, combined with the "meteor OL" is still in its infancy has also been changed hands.

than just starting for the bright future of "meteor OL", perfect world apparently more important initial flowering is fame from China online games online games to thrive OL follow-up products.Shanghai yu spring after the buyout by perfect world, the new "thrive OL" has become the main product, the perfect space-time Cai Jun pine has also been the main task of the adjustment is responsible for "thrive OL".

"meteor OL" in name is still in perfect time and space of development plan, but Cai Jun knows, "meteor OL" has been marginalised, in a 2013 interview, Cai Jun pine said he had already realized "" meteor OL" is the company's plans."

although in Cai Jun loose heart, he is actually more want "meteor butterfly sword" to continue, but man has in the river's lake, body is the most.

"meteor butterfly sword" series, the future of the show away again, is life is death, all in a line.

s killer stuff

fate gave "meteor butterfly sword" a new opportunity, though, it seems, is more like a joke.

in the perfect world of 2008 to 2011 after acquisition of Shanghai yu springs Cai Jun loose network announced to join the air at a point in time, Cai Jun loose from the perfect time and space, and then received another person to the olive branch, big bearing network CEO Yang Zhen at that time, hope to invite Cai Jun loose to develop a "meteor butterfly sword.net" of the follow-up work.

in a 2013 interview, Cai Jun pine recalled and Yang Zhen first met.

"Cai Jun loose, I want to meet with you?"Yang Zhen said.

"who are you?"Asked Cai Jun pine.

"I am a big Yang Zhen bearing network, also is" meteor butterfly sword "fans."When the purchase of large bearing network has been the air net and is shaping the air network of the tour group.

see Cai Jun Yang Zhen said the first sentence is, can you to our company develops games like "meteor butterfly sword".Cai Jun could hardly believe my ears, has experienced numerous setbacks, he asks, do you really think we should develop such games?

of course.Yang Zhen answer, in 2004, when he saw the iron phoenix, he felt to be developed into a game.Even talk to a yu spring cooperation, but yu spring isn't interested in this.

day didn't give up the meteor, Cai Jun thinking.This time two people dream can be realized.

this point in time is in May 2011, roughly Cai Jun loose media interview said it will join the air net recently, at this time of great bearing network with research and development ability is the main channel and agent, wants to increase the research capacity of the air net value and mergers and acquisitions, but this time Yang Zhen of large bearing network management also has the real power, Yang Zhen with the determination of remakes the meteor, Cai Jun pine holding the continuation of the meteor dream to join the big network.

in the beginning, Cai Jun joined by large bearing network research and development, has counted the air net swims "kung fu hero" production team, in 2012, Cai Jun pine in personal weibo released at that time only the first screenshot, called "new stars" and said he had started the production of my new sequel will be entirely responsible for the meteor.

this is after the" new recorded meteor search sword ".

but the storm was not too much influence on the mysterious" new stars ", "new stars" is still a work in progress of development, on August 8, 2013, held "new recorded meteor search sword" tasting, a product can play "search sword record" were announced.On August 18, 2013, "new recorded meteor search sword" in the air under the net operating opens the seal test, for the first time Cai Jun loose on weibo is facing a large number of old and new meteor supporters happy talked about from the "meteor butterfly sword.net" to "new recorded meteor search sword" of history, the "new recorded meteor search sword" of each place can be released details out and communicate with players.

everything seems to be very good.

but of course, and this time the "new stars" have hidden the risk of collapse.

like Cai Jun loose like a shooting star "killer" gate Yang Zhen for new recorded meteor search sword into a lot of resources, provides new recorded meteor search sword with top music sound and 3 d animation, the pursuit of refinement in various aspects, in the new sword meteor search record earnings prospects are unclear situation is put into the huge cost.

before the team staff Wang Na touch (a pseudonym) told, the new sword meteor search record is arguably Cai Jun loose under the full support of Yang Zhen at no cost to complete.

s we see an unspoken

Yang Zhen regardless of the cost of the premise is that he can transfer the cost.

Wang Na, said the shooting star search sword record news network in the air for the four tests, three times before the test data are not very desirable, from the time of the "new recorded meteor search sword" in the view of team members at the time of the new sword meteor search record does not belong to the sky net really attaches great importance to the product.

2014 years or so, because Yang Zhen financial overhead and network departure from the air, Cai Jun loose gradually lost the most powerful support, Wang Na team situation is increasingly difficult.Finally everywhere constraints, unable to control the overall Cai Jun loose finally can no longer continue to "new recorded meteor search sword", citing to take care of the mother in the United States out of the air net.

then new recorded meteor search sword master planning, Wang Na boss GuanLei took Cai Jun loose position, has become the "new recorded meteor search sword".

Cai Jun loose in the "new recorded meteor search sword" three published after the last a tweet, then leave the article and the vast majority of players for more than 6000 discussions, recorded the new recorded meteor search sword from zero to one of the days and nights of weibo, and has never done related to the meteor.

since new recorded meteor search sword and Cai Jun loose nothing relationship.

the meteor search sword record news network in the air, the fourth test is still not satisfactory, then the new meteor search sword "has been on the verge of death, so to speak.

for no core producer of the" new meteor butterfly sword "project, a fight, cross the rubicon became the only option, they still need to put the new meteor search sword".

at this point to the new recorded meteor search sword again opportunity is tencent.Tencent gives new recorded meteor search sword team a year, this is the new meteor search sword record the last chance to save itself.

s final

tencent and new recorded meteor search sword signed a new one-year contract.

Wang Na recalled, in a staff meeting, the air net now sitting CEO Jiang Kan for production team in the new sword meteor search record, said: "I have the cheek to help you sell new meteor to tencent, can you do on your own."He is to infer, air tencent net initiative to find.

learned that after we get in touch with tencent tencent took over the new meteor search sword "is" the value of it and "meteor butterfly sword.net" inheritance relationship ", and said "the shooting star search sword record news fast start, short game, the characteristics of high intensity is the development trend of competitive swimming classes end, tencent bullish on the new meteor search sword record in this future potential".

but at this time of the new meteor search sword" facing so many problems that may be no one can give a perfect solution.

the first is the split of the old and new players."New recorded meteor search sword" such games since, all in the name of ten years heritage that is bound to face two gamers demand totally different but can't give up: the new and old players.

the old players coming from "meteor butterfly sword.net", they saw a meteor should be a decisive place in a purely by technology.All the influence factors of technology outside should not appear, they look down on new recorded meteor search sword blade "day" in the "practice" and so on system, but have the forge of old meteor technology foundation went to easing the bit in the new crowd into the game.

new players into the game to face above all is one set of the system, can be fair at least" only need liver, don't waste money ", they don't understand the old players fierce attacks, to maintain their hearts have reasonable game, some new players are not opposed to pay can fill a gap in some technology.

it is conceivable that both sides of the debate in the 3 years of player community war will evolve to what level, new and old players have the knowledge of the game and expected fundamental differences, into two opposing camps, in the late stage of the game, the game in what direction to go, and any other player's opinion has been difficult to reference.

and then the number of players.

a new sword meteor search record planning summed up the causes of failure of the game: "(the new shooting star search sword record) no problem left for beginners, is not doing well, and a lot of things changed again change newbie guide, novice to finally put the boot into a pattern is not suitable for them, and then can always adjustment has been not game balance, need to repair, don't fix the bug has been delayed, I think these errors cause meteor step by step toward death."

given tencent official reply seems also underlines that from the side.For us about the related questions in the new sword meteor search record, tencent has given the reason for the "new shooting star players, to the kung fu fighting," rub for fun, is a recognized. But user data such as scale, active, retained products have not reached a reasonable expectations, part also affect the player's gaming experience. From the business logic, this also gives the new recorded meteor search sword subsequent operations, caused a great pressure."

tencent said in reply, "new recorded meteor search sword" service is the actual cause of tencent and new recorded meteor search sword game developers agency agreement does expire, when the agreement expires users active and retained data such as whole, lower than the overall expectations on both sides.Both development and operations have had a lot of efforts to save the game, the final termination of operations, is also based on the results of the mutual negotiation.

s end

"new recorded meteor search sword" project has been dissolved in January 12.Project has more than 100 people team, now or leave, or duty, go away.

"new recorded meteor search sword" of the original producer Cai Jun loose after left the United States, found the player in the snail "nine Yin true through" project team list.

new recorded meteor search sword players of different reaction, someone to clap for" new meteor "stop taking, others untimely, someone choose once again back to 15 years ago that" meteor butterfly sword.net ", when someone says his youth under the cast of the last star soul is so dispersed.

touch company interviewed before planning and a lot of old players, ask them in the heart of the new sword meteor search record should be a what appearance.Get reply can answer in one of the conclusion: "we hope to have a mechanism to the CS: GO as the meteor butterfly sword, simple, fast, don't want technology outside of the element and the pre training."

by coincidence at the earliest "meteor butterfly sword.net development, Cai Jun pine has said he wants to do a can of martial arts fighting games like" CS ".

when people recall "meteor butterfly sword" in the end of a pulse of art, like to refer to "meteor butterfly sword" original at the end of that sentence:

the meteor away when the light is in sight.No matter how dark long, light always will come sooner or later.

but when we face this again fall" meteor butterfly sword ", how to understand this sentence?

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  • lean of cardiac
  • life and death one
  • killer stuff
  • we see an unspoken
  • final
  • end

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