"The rocket the area is about to open tencent agent

according to reports coming from the rocket alliance tieba little Lord, tencent will agent "rocket" the clothes, and will be in the April 20 UP2017 interactive entertainment officially released annual conference.China closed will open.

"rocket" is an intense bombardment by racing and football game, provide excellent physical effect, crazy aerial stunts, and exciting multiplayer.Landed in July 2015 Steam platform game, very hot, number of Chinese players is very much also, suitable for friends online, I just didn't have enough server connection smoothly.Believe that the arrival of the clothes will make this problem solved.

at present, the development of the tencent WeGame platform is in full swing, will also launch on April 20 conference, so" rocket "dress is achieved by WeGame platform?All this still need to wait for April 20 awards, the same day.

the player can click here to make an appointment conference broadcast live, homeless star will also focus on all the way, bring reported for the first time.

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