"Catsby" : a "not" give in Chinese domestic game

Catsby is OOTOT Games released the first game.

my attention, because the picture - the 2017 games, the play on the computer, seems to have opened the handheld Gameboy simulator.

the game on the Steam zone, but no Chinese.From graphics to localization, the Catsby seem to insulate the area players, like most of the foreign independent developers.

however, this is a team from domestic independent development.

at the time, I want to know is why as a domestic independent games, don't do in Chinese.

20 hours process conscience make

Catsby is very typical "Metroidvania", a kind of by the galactic warriors game types are derived from the "devil city".

the core of this kind of game is to explore and puzzle, corresponding, the game often have large exploration maps and precision level design.On the one hand, the game process is non-linear, the player can freely in several interconnected areas to explore, to obtain a variety of props, weapons or ability;Map, on the other hand, again there is a variety of current can't arrive, or hidden area, players need to use props, weapons, power or authority to enter.This kind of "freedom" is limited, is often push players to explore, to recruit the driving force, is also the most attractions such games.

from this level, the Catsby do very in place.Game design the desert, castles and dungeons three large areas, 130 to explore the scene, which is filled with monsters, trap, authority and the hidden area.Players can get up to 16 kinds of roles, including climbing wall, hanging, scuba diving, flight, such ability to act, to help players to increase the exploration area, also has a boxing, bomb attack, epee, magic, such ability, players can switch by oneself, to cope with different enemy.

the game area was $21, provides the process can play more than 20 hours, compared with the Steam green light on the many low completion page, swim the so-called domestic game, mobile game transplantation is in the conscience.

of course of the game screen unattractive, might stop a lot of players.Is also a pixel game, "shovel knight", "cave" colorful picture is more beautiful, "Catsby" black and white picture, also does not like "limbo", is based on the needs of game atmosphere expression.

"OOTOT" this name, nothing special meaning

back to my mail, is a self-proclaimed "old yellow" girl.She is OOTOT Games propaganda.OOTOT, "she said" the name of this like roll face keyboard, nothing special, just explain, "TOT" is a kind of "compensate to cry" self ridicule.

"is literally, we also can't read. Must read each letters spell out good."

4 people team, actual participation in the development of three, two, a program.Eldest brother don't participate in the development, mainly be responsible for the direction, and technology for the next game.

"so you are the boss?"I asked.

"no, I am planning. Although I am also the propaganda."

the development team's average age is 26 years old, they have experienced the FC and finally in the era of domestic martial arts.Wong, said they have not give up for the period of the game of emotion, so while he was working in the game, and their consensus is hoping to restore the era's game.

"we are from each big game company, before they have precipitation as a horizontal version pass game. Focus on the gameplay rather than the picture, the whole game development advance very fast, only eight months."

" you for there is no art, then art material that is how to solve?"I asked.

"I am also fine arts."Old huang said, "art is a part of the purchase of foreign payment material, one part is we two planning to paint himself."

"game music, sound?"

"I also. We have to find some foreign copyright free music, sound effects or something herself."

"... never thought such a picture, will stop a lot of players?"

the old yellow hesitated for a moment, and finally said: "we are the target audience of the game, Steam on the experienced old players of the era."

we temporarily without Chinese

the colony - they have players in the domestic Steam Steam post BBS, with 100 Key activities, want players to help them through the green light.However, after the game on the game but did not provide Chinese version - although they did not have done such a commitment.

"to ask for what reason?"

"we players to start with positioning of the target is abroad, domestic for stand-alone game too not friendly. Don't do Chinese version is also afraid of piracy, afraid of our effort."Old huang said.

I'm a little surprised.Perhaps this is the first time I met "can't" do Chinese version of the developer, especially in the "no decoding the domestically produced game" has become a consensus in the industry today.

I can't help but ask: "don't you worry about sales? I come in contact with some independent team, also didn't so much concern in this aspect, will eventually have to this, a surplus. Your game awareness is not high, the picture style again pick a person, not should introduce Chinese version to attract more potential players?"

"I understand what you think. There may be a large amount of domestic, but we have too much worry about piracy, gaming revenue will be a big problem."

"... as a domestic game doesn't provide Chinese, for some domestic players, this can be a black spots. I'm curious, what are you experienced to make such a decision."

in fact, although the domestic environment rampant piracy, but the original players absolute quantity also to be reckoned with.How can not Chinese, in order to fight piracy are not worth the cost.

the old yellow were silent for a while, said: "we had been pirated, piracy was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times."

s scar

"due to some disputes, I can't tell you the name of the game."Old huang said.

their team, previously in view of the domestic market, launched a single-player game, jump platform type.Game development took a long time, the word of mouth is also very good, but all their income from abroad.

"all sorts of pirate sites are put we cracked version of the game. As a developer, I can only see these pirated players, we play with modifier changed beyond recognition, to be honest, very heartache."Old huang said, "because of this, what investment fund default, investors run away, even we have experienced."

the old yellow confession at the same time, adopt the Gameboy picture style, "complex" is not a decisive factor, the root cause is no money.

" to be honest, if the money is enough, we don't choose the resource of fine arts. Now change the dream art, response may have very different of the game, we all know. Just, we have much money, the money we do this game online, how to support a cent we have to be with. Everything we did not deny the domestic market, only in the case of capital limited, only focus on where we think are most likely to profit."

this seems like a story of a burnt child dreads the fire.No Chinese version, seems to be in their last line of defence "against piracy" - at least for a little attention independent game, "no Chinese" really certain extent can delay a domestic cracking it was pirated.

s concern

those of domestically produced game of Steam, are often for localization of the players under review.Domestic players think generally, Chinese people more, market size, and the localization, nature will have more people to play, also can have higher sales.

this is not a universal law.Do a game for overseas Chinese localization of the relevant person in charge of domestic studios told me, there are some games on Steam after a long time, because of the localization and every game but not have such luck.

the senior translation give me an example.Belarus has a team of 6 people, spend more than 5 years developed a strategy RPG, known as "iron forest" - I believe that many people have never heard of, like this anonymous game actually many - a 350000 - word text, localization is very difficult, but the developers of localization of Chinese special support, Chinese online before, he has recorded a video regards to Chinese players.Results of Steam in Chinese online before long, each big crack station is the first time issued a crack resources.

"contrast piracy large downloads, Steam Chinese online only two months has sold over 300 copies... developers really did a lot of blow."In the translation of the game's eyes, the iron forest "is a very good, should not only this sales.

the present situation of the domestic single market, with" piracy "before damage, let OOTOT Games for the domestic market has become extremely cautious.They clearly don't want to make the mistake on a game, so they decided now is that...No Chinese version.

to outsiders, it may be a little overreacting cautious, even make some domestic players.But stood in their point of view, is not can't understand this kind of mood, maybe it won't let them to succeed, but at least they would not have to taste the original unpopular, crack is overrun with sadness.

"I know the domestic independent game environment in good, I also hope that more and more domestic players can have the consciousness of the original, but it will take time... we love games, since do game, but we have to survive."

they have been seeking overseas promotion way, twitter, facebook...And other overseas developers to stand on the same starting line.In their eyes, foreign game market is much more orderly, they have a lot of expectations.

wong hopes that their games, able to withstand a mature overseas game market inspection.

"we need to give us some market confidence."

although they also know that players have too much choice now.

  • 20 hours process conscience make
  • " OOTOT "this name,...
  • our game temporarily didn't...Scars
  • concern

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