E-sports into hangzhou Asian games official project in 2022 More shares to meet development opportunity

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according to caixin, oca and ali sports announced that e-sports become formally project in hangzhou in 2022 Asian games.

esports (Electronic Sports) is the Electronic games "competition" the level of activity.Esports movement is using electronic equipment as sports equipment, interpersonal intelligence against movement.Through exercise, can exercise and improve participants' ability of thinking, reaction ability, eye coordination and willpower limbs, cultivate team spirit.E-sports is also a kind of occupation, similar to the video games such as chess game, November 18, 2003, the state sport general administration approval, will e-sports listed as the 99th formal sports competitions.In 2008, the state general administration of sports will change esports group as the 78th formal sports competition.

in fact, the state general administration of sports on June 3, 2016 issued "about to host the 2016 national e-sports open (NESO) notice, at the national level on the support of e-sports industry continued, e-sports and its surrounding industrial chain core link income growth in recent years been amazing.

citic built for research report says, every sport is only after has a lot of exercise group gradually grows strong, for esports movement is no exception.Esports movement of the birth of contingency and necessity, it is in the electronic game industry development to a certain stage inevitable product.

look from the global gaming market, by 2017 the market output value will be one of billions of dollars, and esports as around the game industry is worth looking forward to, are derived from the combination of domestic network game market far rapid global growth, so in the era of social entertainment, on the development of e-sports industry in China.

e-sports stocks focus on individual stocks parsing

a perfect world, the first domestic individual esports large professional league DOTA2 project, company's perfect world is DOTA2 operators in China, the e-sports project operation in a perfect world, has accumulated more industry.

zhejiang news media: company subsidiary winger, which owns the game live star TV the banner of the platform, is the first three games live field platform.

middle treasure: company in January 2016, middle treasure to hold the first race experience playing home appliance, with its competitive products "gun" testing the waters PC e-sports game field.

palm boring technology: "e-sports" alliance is led by many international and net net cafe, and joint palm boring window of the science and technology, sports, air mesh, 360 group four Chinese enterprises jointly create a line, by aggregating e-sports IP and competition, layout of e-sports venues around the world.

the Oriental pearl tower, the company's culture interaction is responsible for the games of the channel operation, cloud is the domestic first e-sports game channel, through the star for users across the country.And has the first domestic e-sports league league "G" on TV.

the kunlun ten thousand d: large web games is one of the core products of the company, the company has independent research and development "The Three Kingdoms of the 1, 2", "the U.S. troops to break 1, 2," "martial arts", "handsome siblings" and so on many web game boutique, topics cover the war strategy game, role-playing, leisure athletics, and other mainstream subjects.

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