Light continental evaluation: sincerity Match the swim

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the light continent is owned by netease game studio joint research and development of China and the United States, Hollywood's audio-visual team to build a magic 3 d real-time mobile game MMORPG, with a powerful game engine, prop up huge game world outlook, the player can appreciate western fantasy epic.And all kinds of beautiful pictures in the game, is comparable to swim.And also USES a 360 - degree views of open mode, create a wonderful magic world.

the light continent has nearly 12960000 square meters large map of the world, riding mounts tour map a circle at least spend more than three hours, you can have no freedom to travel, enjoy unprecedented MMO peak experience.

small make up today to a comprehensive range of analytical this mobile game, look at this one match end game, how?Here is to look at it together.

a, cool picture More transition

under the premise that the content of increasingly homogenized, new ideas and style is becoming less and less.And change over time, the players of the game screen values also becomes more and more high, so a game to win the applause or thumb up players.So there is no doubt that quality is very important, and the mainland light is called match end to swim, so quality is very nice.

the mainland light USES the multiple perspectives, the depth of the game map.That you can from more than 900 m people cannot see, depth of the game is in terms of quality work, otherwise, also won't appear the game so much.In the research and development of domestic business still swings between 300-500, generally is undoubtedly has the milestone significance.

in the game we can clearly feel that, all kinds of cool skills with the lights, and scene rendering and props, the colour clever collocation, as well as the watermark, character the paster, building construction, etc., the paster accuracy is very good.And in the fight, to kind of feel the combination of light efficiency, and did not appear a little mistake.For a lot of games, it is not possible.In tiny mobile phone screen after all so many skills, special effects, will cause the game CARDS screen or flash back, and the mainland light without any mistakes.

and the mainland of light also USES the character pattern, more and more role transformation.Before most of the mobile game is an account can only build a character, not like the swim, an account can build multiple roles.And light continent is breakthrough the limitation of this technology, implements a account can build multiple roles.

in the game at the same time also opens the transfer system, that is to say, in the game after you reach a certain condition, can open the characters to change your job.And the mainland light USES three big professional warriors, archers, hermetic division (corresponding to the tank, the output, auxiliary).And each big profession, can also be turned to other small occupation.That is to say, a total of 9 kinds of small occupation, and each unique, in accordance with the login interface reserved by location, estimate the late will also open a fourth big career.So whether dozen copies, play melee, etc., have corresponding professional to fill a vacancy, forming a perfect closed chain.

2, style diversification Social barrier-free

evaluation actually a fun game, lies in its format.Again, after all, play a beautiful game play fewer people.Connotation and the mainland light the current version the adventure and battlefield system, of course, also there are other indispensable guild, malls, and so on system, and the small make up want to say is its adventure and battle system.

risk system is divided into copy, popularity, activity as well as a copy of the team, and each have a large number of copies and activities.You don't like other games in the game, feeling not to do.Guangming mainland "is a total of 13 game activity, eight copies, and all kinds of adventures, prestige, test task, etc.Each had its own unique style, won't appear the same image.

the battlefield system is PVP and PVE good place, 5 big game currently open in the battlefield, many battlefield, also have single battlefield.Battlefield each style is unique, whether you're a PVE players, or PVP players, you can find belongs to own the battlefield.Combined with the Angle of 360 degrees, to enable you to more freedom.If you join a guild, you can also to guild wars.

three, trade facilitation More than mount and all

game deals is a tricky thing, although a lot of mobile game opened mall, but only game for players to sell goods, not the player stores selling goods, this leads to a lot of players after reaching equipment are discarded or decomposition.And this aspect the light continent is honest, open the mall trading systems, the player can freely on the sale of any items you want to sell.Game also opens the auction system at the same time, if you want the goods to sell higher, can through the form of auction house, in all transactions become more convenient.

in fact, there are few games cultivated mounts, this system, after all, a lot of people feel mounts have so a line, actually otherwise.Mount and fashion are similar, is for the beauty.Swim when we often see in the end, a man bought a dozen or even dozens of mounts, though not to be able to buy so many use, but most people are collect.So for many people, more good-looking mounts can collect.And guangming mainland, has opened up the mount system, which contains a variety of mounts, each a mount is unique.Also opened a guild hunting game at the same time, can all the council of the people to go hunting, hunting after the success, will win the title of property.

4, detail diversification Wisdom and interesting

like many MMORPG, the mainland light as there are a lot of details, such as equipment, skills upgrading, title attribute, etc., etc.Although the feeling is more, in fact is not very complicated.And a lot of things is not necessarily need to buy, can also play in the game through, but it takes a certain amount of time.Saying if you don't spend time, then the game is not become boring?

it is important to note that other game skills upgrading, as well as the equipment collocation is tricky, not blind to irrational collocation or skill points, so that cause you to have series low than you may run into each other, but to win in the battle.So, in practice, more should be based on skill, then and professional collocation can add attributes.

five, summary

actually by the BGF article down, we have been able to actually feel the light mainland is actually a game, and was comparable to swim levels of the game.Both quality and style, we can feel the charm of this big.Perhaps light continent is starting point of open mobile game, is also a milestone.After all, there are few mobile game development for more than two years, and also do so well.In general, small make up think this game is definitely a very and games.

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