What do you do in sin city, tease than?

sin city, ultra high degrees of freedom is one of the selling point of the game, players so there are a lot of free play, so, you in sin city, also must have done something funny than things!

a player:

prostitutes after go for a drive, with a beautiful sister, pretending to have a girlfriend.

I feel like I'm cow.

player 2:

all sorts of hitting, hurtful behavior:

what do you do in sin city, tease than matter?

1. Inside the shopping mall sometimes have a lot of tuo gathered a lot of tuo the pickpockets - with boxing sympathy, before I was playing to catch up with the elevator elevator was stuffed with (around 20 people), consequences, ha ha, you can imagine.

2. Grab a car into a nearby waters are better than one, then the BIGBANG, passers-by under normal set you will get a big surprise, and then the stranger plunged and died.

3. com EFLYWITHME + PANZER and gun barrel towards the back of tank fire, fly, one 5 half empty trip I most across the beach.

4. Helicopters flew low with leaf roll (beach is a nice place).

what do you do in sin city, tease than matter?

player 3:

get the fly, with the parachute.Jump down to the most high, press the F key, try it in what minimum height open parachute, can land safely.

believe that many people are like me ~


we randomly in the comments, which make than play do you have?

more information game, pay attention to GG big players.

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