E-sports 315: "cheats" anchor emerge in endlessly

with the popularity of network broadcast, live broadcast platform explosive growth in the number of the emerging world has become the people of nation, but also because live threshold is too low, also led to the host quality, live content, although last year with the Beijing network broadcast industry self-discipline convention management files, such as but with little success.

so everyone audience while watching live entertainment body and mind, don't be off guard, don't be some adverse anchor is veiled, and finally end up the goods.

the following, we to talk about now live simple circle three false fraud, hope to be able to play a warning role.

rhetoric cheat exceptional

just last month, the 13-year-old girl steal brush, songjiang district, Shanghai mother 250000 yuan through an APP to purchase a large amount of "K COINS" to play to the network host caused widespread controversy, to be sure to be the cause of the poor regulation, parents live at the same time the APP for set loose also has the responsibility to pay limits, more important, if not the words of the anchor induction, one of the only 13 years old children how to steal money again and again to play of the reward?

e-sports 315:

this kind of thing has happened many times earlier, 12 year old boy in fujian province to get their favorite happy host, charge phones stolen mother buy expensive virtual goods sent to the host, spent nearly $30000 a month;Zhejiang lishui 14-year-old boy xiao Ming enjoy five games the host for the generation of mobile phone games, a total of 30000 yuan...

you can see, the above cost huge exceptional is 10 s of adolescent children, they are undergoing a period of emotional to be easy on the hosts of flashy, but some people is what they are using this feature by teasing induction, seeks to profit.

false milk false play hurt the audience feelings

bettas are three SAO once the rage, although now popularity than the past, but every now and then will jump out to attract the public eye, in the past year, guo mini forget to close the camera, at the end of the live results change clothes process by netizens to see clearly, but everybody surprised, but also call be duped.

you know, guo mini figure in peacetime class are so -- --

e-sports 315:

don't want to take off clothes, even seconds flat chest, let many male audience deeply disappointed and deceived.

e-sports 315:

of course, it is guo mini or victims, but another reporter, but just not the same, in order to obtain platform recommended, attract popularity, the host should look for a person to live for a long time playing video games, and is looking at his own game picture for voice acting.

yes, pay attention to all know, people in the live what I said is a famous diet, more disgusting is that after the substitute is stripped out, the diet should also want to denial, incredibly live hand to play the game, trying to muddle through, but as evidence of more and more abundant, and ending with recognition.

e-sports 315:

grace substitute o review the whole process of events, it shows fluky psychology, lies and brazen surprising, originally it is often said that the more beautiful woman more can be deceiving, but now the company commander ugly woman also unreliable, can only say that live water is too deep, you must be careful.

anchor taobao shop bad credit

in the anchor of the income, taobao shop always occupy a big proportion, in view of the audience is the host of the fans.Initially everyone choose low price selling snacks, but was still out of the "9" pork, specifically that is selling pork when beef, live with the attention to ascend, the improvement of people's living standard, the announcers' taobao shop to buy a thing is becoming more and more high-end, increased the full garment, peripherals, etc., and incentives are fans, and cheap to send to the host glasow, if you buy more, can also send some around.

e-sports 315:

but the problem we also said before, the announcers' taobao shop quality is not guaranteed (in fact, even cannot solve the ma taobao fake goods, is the host can), and even, the sources of the anchor are almost uniform supplier, but they need to do is to brush a face, have not considered responsible for the consumption of fans, to pay for this operator is really worth it?

in the end, we hope you like the anchors at the same time, also can maintain a heart of reason, make track for a star blindly hurt only oneself.

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