Version 7.2 re-emergence of three yoko king, these old wild is practical!

in the last game and the rank of general bureau, the mantis and poodle this wild position to the enemy can be directly controlled the play.A nobody dared to put directly on the field, and the other is can see almost every turn.Outer clothing has entered the version 7.2, there are two absolute T1 were passers-by bureau level playing field and a passer-by bureau unanswered mad dog are reinforced, they are casks, leopard and the blademaster.Which strengthen the three heroes are bound to the poodle and mantis wild area under a certain impact, although not necessarily can affect the poodle and mantis ssangyong's status, but certainly will cause a big impact.

promise blademaster easily master

version 7.2 re-emergence of three yoko king, these old wild is practical!

once all-powerful AP blademaster, to sheep with big knife heat xenzhao rival half meat flow blademaster, experienced ups and downs of the master easily won the most five killed is still a hero.In the upcoming version 7.2 patch, blademaster changes from passive skills with W, passive skill changes make the blademaster brush wild faster and wartime operation difficulty is also lower.

W skills change is directly make good harvest blademaster unanswered, harvesting ability become more predictable, after the arrival of a patch version 7.2, the use of the blademaster W skills will have more, besides the most fundamental open W h. against damage, and to spell when reset, or group of wartime use W to ER two skills ability to sustain her life.And combine the usage was able to use, the blademaster good at the harvest, harvest and powerful ability comes from big, when necessary to resist the enemy set fire to open W necessary skills to deal with, or is when you feel that is close to finished head and assists and hopeless, first make a W skills that suspended time, waiting for the opportunity to get assists to refresh the duration of the bigger again.

im gura,

version 7.2 re-emergence of three yoko king, these old wild is practical!

barrels once in a very long period of time is a common wild game and walkers bureau, meat filling barrel through with the big E skills dizziness and recruit blasted the enemy hero's ability, a strong strong driving ability and the ability to split formation.And barrel in patch 7.2 base armor and passive are strengthened, armor of ascension will let the barrel at the time of brush wild life value loss will reduce a lot, and the treatment of passive effect promotion will make wine barrel after equipped more meat.Don't assume that just simply increase from 4% to 6%, dozen wild meat to barrel in late time and equipment there will be exciting armor, with exciting passive reply is 7.5% of the largest life value, take 3000 life value to calculate, a passive can restore 225 life points, how many oh bobby passive skill is not bad.

wild huntress Ned li

version 7.2 re-emergence of three yoko king, these old wild is practical!

leopard women in the very long period of time before are ban will choose level playing field, because of its super fast speed of brush wild makes her to be in a leading level on natural enemy, would be a lot of what you can do, of course.In the 7.2 patch, leopard change is a big woman, designers must also want leopard women back to the wild areas.

the first base life value increased from 511.2 to 540, the second is W skills into the invisible, but can be destroyed, similar to timothy mushrooms.There is E skills from increased, the effect of foundation treatment effect full rating by 10 points, the biggest treatment effect full rating by 20 points.

such changes are bound to let leopard women to better spent the early life value and response ability have good ascension, coupled with the female leopard itself is not bad to hurt, after a certain equipment rhythm is very fast.W skills to get a mass of wartime female leopard has a better performance, in the past are usually need Q ability will hit before choosing lunges and slay crispy, now will in melee open before decorate good clip, when the enemy hero stepped on clip then choose whether to pounce on playing a set.

although version 7.2 has not log on to the clothes, but each hero changes will cause certain influence to a version on the pattern, in three dozen wild hero got good after strengthening, presumably poodle and mantis by wild area, will produce more of the competition.

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version 7.2 re-emergence of three yoko king, these old wild is practical!

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