Online games become new professional Playing games can become a professional

in many people's eyes, playing computer games is doing nothing, and network addiction of teenager is society.It seems to some parents, electronic network game is a disaster, he kill the spirit of youth, let a person unproductive, however, with the development and the progress of the society, these concepts are also quietly changing.

online games became the new professional Playing video games can also become a professional

it is reported, a media report said recently, electronic network game field by a major change will happen.In the ministry of education announced the supplement of the 13 professional, competitive electronic network and network game management become a new professional.With the increase of e-sports heat, and the development of the growing scale and esports has gradually become a recognized for people, accepted by the society of expertise.

it is reported, according to the "higher vocational education of ordinary colleges and universities (specialist) professional Settings management method", on the basis of adoption and collected the Suggestions above, after carefully consideration, the ministry of education, ministry of education to organize the study identified 2016 supplement professional, a total of 13, are hereby released, since 2017.Including electronic competitive online games.

online games became the new professional Playing video games can also become a professional
those who once in our eyes with dirty hair, fight curled up in the Internet bar day and night in the corner of the action of" Internet addiction teenagers "raffish, now transform, not only can become the e-sports star, and their income is also very significant, according to concerning sectional statistic, general revenue in the tens of millions of workers in the industry.E-sports games are no longer followed, is marginalized trend of development, from the noisy cafe moved to the luxurious air of sports venues;A growing number of e-sports enthusiasts are wrapped for star hosts;Format set more refined, fair;Game equipment constantly iterative update, science and technology feeling and operational more conform to the trend of...All these information indicates: the e-sports games has become the most popular with the young man's sport.

as e-sports industry and emerging field, its development is not perfect and mature, relevant departments of the law and the system construction is indispensable.

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