Great god analysis S6 groups EDG could and SKT "predestination"

great spirit analysis S6 groups EDG could and SKT

when large domestic competition is over a year, what do you know what this means: global finals will come again.

from all parts of the world's top teams are on a journey, they will start in three weeks after the trip to the United States, TSM, CLG, C9 team as the host, deployed SKT and strongest ROX team will continue to defend South Korea division glory, strives to defending the former, the latter to king.Group stage draw will be to the end of the week, pulled out of life and death in north American official studio group, although the Internet has a variety of group composition analysis, but we're still looking forward to this moment to come.

towards the road to global finals already start and the end of this week will be the first step, when time through October 30, the staples center in Los Angeles, survived on the world stage at the end of the team would lift the summoner trophies this year.Before it immediately to see possible birth which group.

great spirit analysis S6 groups EDG could and SKT

group of death


this is possible in the weekend draw by far the most terrorist group of death, the birth of EDG team has won in LPL summer tournament, in the final 3-0 defeat at the RNG clan.SKT team, though failed to four successive championships, the defending world champion nobody dares to neglect it, for a wild area occupies the absolute dominance version, EDG team will be glad to see SKT the weak team, they are already rival competition.G2 team last season in the invitational lost their identity, a seed than spring racing team squad enhanced many, Zven and Mithy road combination is the strongest in Europe, the two-time European CS best player was catnip is not only to prove that he is the king of the wild, also look forward to prove that he is the world's wild.C9 team is the strongest in the history of global finals three seed team, although they failed to reach the LCS final of North America in the spring season, but in the summer after replacing the new squad and the coach Reapered and TSM team went to the finals, failed to win the championship summer directly to qualify they have defeated the NV and IMT team to return to the world stage, former world champion on single Impact has become the core team.

of the surviving group


and the contrast group, the survival of group of seemingly each team has a chance to, but they haven't had time to relax, after all, this also means that who is likely to be out.Although lightning Wolf clan is a seed team, but they seem to have been beat CLG team, in the season when the tournament has proved this.CLG team despite the only got the fourth place in the summer, but avoid a seed pool of EDG and ROX team is definitely a blessing, they would be happy to face the lightning Wolf clan.H2K team if it's not like last year's world championship in EDG and SKT survive caught between the two favourites to win team will be very happy, at least they have a chance to play.INTZ team, though not like the previous several teams are full of confidence, but a steady team still have a chance to beat the other three the state of the team.If the team is really three wins, the situation is very clear, is similar to last year's group of surviving, CLG, lightning Wolf and Pain teams continue to entwine, the question is whether the H2K clan group stages like Tiger team last year and won the runner-up in the world.

the fate of the group


this is a grouping and Faker great origins, Faker is recognized as a hero alliance the greatest professional player, he's already took two summoners trophy.In this group, he has a chance against single Scout in the SKT team before their substitute, is now a EDG team main force, instead of the hands of Pawn became the EDG core role, therefore meet between them will be the master and apprentice, what time will show who is the best in the single player.If you are a hero alliance players more than three years, we don't need to remind you the fate of history between Faker and Ryu, for popularity here, in the 2013 summer games, Ryu Faker used as stepping stones, got his first domestic title fight between two bullet has since become the Ryu haunting nightmare, not going the same history of the last year, the H2K and Ryu is Faker swept out.As for C9 team, will be a Faker and former teammate a tea, they may recall the past time, but old teammates Impact Faker must face;Since the summer, he join C9 team, with a strong desire to return to the world stage, a reunion with old teammate is not a good thing, which means the outcome, but this time the two most dominant player don't stand on the same team.

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