King glory high-end office play is full of all, these routines pupils generally don't understand

in king glory, a player to play good or bad, all depends on whether he has his own hero for indirect, and control as well as the details are in place for the big picture.As long as you have more than three, the great god the title can be in your body.Of course, in addition to the above, the king of glory as a Moba class competitive mobile game, there is also a necessary strategy scheme, that is.

maybe in low level or lower section of the game, routines are not popular, is the so-called punch Lao shifu killed, the novice is all newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, do not easily routines by grass.But some in the high-end office, the more your opponent is thinking, is the so-called know, the more the greater the fear.You can head for the reason, through some acting let oneself live more benefit.

in the game operation routines

apart from the mind of the collision, the hero in the game operation is also able to routines to others on it.The first few examples, li bai, the monkey.Li bai's 1 skill is the only, a paragraph or two sex and can back, this is what we call the operationalization of space, you can use this to defraud the opponent's skills, after the second paragraph 1 returned directly, can often be cheated out of a lot of control skills, in order to for your next Gank or melee to make favorable conditions.

king glory high-end office play is full of all, these routines pupils generally don't understand

again for the monkey, the monkey in the face of the pursued the case, you can directly in the walk, this can let the opponent thought you were using avatars to search everywhere, and when you stop using the copy that the opponent was the skills will open, specific decision based on the actual operation, if not good at practice and thinking.

in line routines

in the game, there is a very common situation, that's teammate or to support yourself.Can derive a lot of processing branches, and it contains small situations are: support, support, detected such support each other.If under the condition of their own in support, acting to do are calm, don't come directly to our hero failure were observed by opposite information to support.Accurate method is, still as before last, waiting for the other party walk a control by using control ability before, along with teammate synergy to kill.

king glory high-end office play is full of all, these routines pupils generally don't understand

and the support is said to while it unprepared, if your opponent is his teammates support and we are forced to retreat, then performance seems to play but want to run posture, back while playing at this time, let the other side form us in a disadvantage of the illusion of consciousness, so as to make it to the tower or leave a person with a flash, our support staff at this time again will double shooting fish in before and after.

there is another kind of circumstance, is when our investigation to the other party dozen wild ambush, especially across the road towards the grass, so at this time to be skilled in dealing with a on line, to each other to catch the opportunity, but also let the other side does not know yourself being detected.If the end is the other side to give up Gank, we must be made, because they are under the road three people share some experience, as well as the playing field is invalid as a waste of time, and the time we play wild wild area for resources can be invaded each other, and the relative safety of other road development time.

to confront routines

king glory in the game there is a kind of risky behavior, that is how to steal.Since chose to steal, rob dragon must guard against each other, on the other side is not aware of the dragon vision zone under the condition of neutral choice to steal the dragon, is better choice for auxiliary or other output lower position in the online pretended to clean up the line, and other heroes play dragon, for each other enemies to appear on the map lenovo to play less may be some of the dragon.

and due to the king of glory the fast rhythm, defensive towers would be put off easily.So often in the later stages of the game will be the only base exists the embarrassing situation, if you realize your own group under the condition of war is not strong, steal home is the true method of victory.Of course is A prerequisite for, first you must be ping A high damage hero, secondly you four teammates must be able to deal with each other long enough, create A steal home time for you.Basic is the time when the opponent five force regiment central highlands you sneak up on each other, and then you four teammates open group directly, after you crazy A base stealing home success finally, after all, the king glory is A game for pushing, kill people can win more.

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