The9 agent "across the wire 2" Remedy to participate in the development

at today's conference, through the wire "developers Smilegate announced its latest" across the wire 2 "in the country will be represented by the ninth city.In addition, the official also said he hoped to add more to the game model to meet the needs of different types of players, such as strengthening the narrative plot, increase the high-end new model and so on.

therefore, Smilegate will jointly "killer", "quantum broken" and "Max Payne" together to build this as a Remedy to the developers.The latter in the game story, plot, narrative and cinematic aspect is the industry's top level.Smilegate stressed that they join will be of great help to "across the wire 2".

in addition, the official also announced the "through wire" will launch a movie and TV drama.Movie partner for the "fast and furious" and "21" series of Hollywood movie makers the Original Film, and television is launched "visionary" TV version of the yao culture.

through different media, Smilegate said they will create a "through wire" of the Universe (CrossFire Universe), forming a covering the games, television, television entertainment brand.

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