two eggs a noodles do sweet and crisp twist method is simple and over will be again


crunchy small twist is a delicious traditional snacks family.sweet, crisp, golden color, it is rich in nutrition, is the most important to construct safety and health, eat very healthy!also can put a long time not bad, not soft, not zoumei.

it is getting closer and closer to the new the first few days of the year, if you have the time, we can enjoy this little twist in the child's new year.

food preparation:

250 grams of gluten flour, 2 eggs, 5 grams of oil, 50 grams of sugar, 1 gram of salt, 2 grams soda,


1.first, put the eggs in a bowl, then put the sugar into the bowl.

2, prepare a container, put flour, oil and salt in egg mixture stirring.

3 steps, slowly into the warm water, stir with chopsticks into floc, then knead into a smooth dough, up to 20 to 25 minutes.(wake up let the dough evenly absorbent)

4, after getting up, put the dough on the board, into a uniform small, hand rub.

5, will good strip, ends in the opposite direction of twist, as i want(this step is crucial) folded in half and then folded in half, they will automatically, as i want to open a mouth, on the other side to the other end in the past.

6, pour vegetable oil into the pan, the oil temperature was 60%, in the small fire slowly fry.

7, fried until golden yellow and toss.


the bag is made of fresh fried dry bag.can be moistureproof, keep crisp crisp taste of flowers.

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