dumpling stuffing to join the special taste good eating pig every day

dumpling is very common in our daily life, a delicious food, mainly made from flour and dumpling stuffing, want the stuffing dumplings delicious key, some people even in filling up and down, but i did not good, make dumplings because she didn't according to the steps to make the process of filling.as well as making stuffing is not join it, so make the dumpling stuffing is delicious.share with you a delicious dumpling stuffing today small make up the producing method, easy to learn the super delicious food.

before making delicious dumpling stuffing, first of all, we will prepare a chinese cabbage, the cabbage piece break into clear water is rinsed clean, then put on the chopping board cut to pieces into the basin.then put into the right amount of chinese cabbage in edible salt water to kill, for 30 minutes to spare.

after 30 minutes to prepare a piece of gauze, and then will be finished at the end of the water of the cabbage in the gauze, squash with the hand out of the water, then drain the water in cabbage into standby in the basin.

cabbage after repair, we prepare the right amount of green onions, clean cut to pieces.in preparation for the right amount of ginger wash, cut into ginger in a plate.

all ingredients after cutting it, add chicken essence to bowl of cabbage, pepper noodles, 13 xiang, sesame oil, cooked oil, soy sauce.then clockwise with chopsticks stir, stir well then immediately pack dumpling, otherwise put long cabbage will be out of the water.

warm prompt:in the process of mixing cabbage must clockwise until well-combined.

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