do you still remember the special fire and then suddenly disappear immediately soil slag off baked wheat cake?

in the food industry, always some or all kinds of delicious snacks, because different or similar reasons, quickly appeared in the people's vision, but you even feel, no matter go to which city, there will be many of these stores.but such rapid fire up food, some will disappear immediately, do you still remember those food?

in the memory of the baked wheat cake is bigger, and taste is really nice.on the cake with a variety of sauces and meat, is indeed a comparative luxury baked wheat cake, but the price is more expensive at that time.but if you want to eat at that time, no matter in which stores, all need to line up for a long time.but don't know since when, this store is gone!

there is a often appear in various scenic spots or night market of tea, at a time when there are a lot of people are crazy about this way of drinking tea, is the"sweet tea", very suitable for the cold that time also need only one yuan a cup of appearance, but also don't know why, today in the night market has almost can not see!

there are once very popular ice porridge, in summer, the streets every day in china, also you can find several stalls or shops selling ice porridge, now even with the same store in sales, also not so much.

subway chicken is also the need to line up a long time to buy delicious, taste is very special, have a kind of sweet and salty taste, let you aftertaste is suddenly very fire, and then almost invisible.

in your memory, and this kind of special fire suddenly, then"disappeared"food?

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