but the county belonging to fujian by the taiwan under the jurisdiction of a no industry can slow life

kinmen county is located in the southeast of fujian province and xiamen bay bay waters quanzhou weitou, stands in the west of taiwan strait, and mainland china recently only 2310 meters.

the golden gate is between taiwan and the mainland culture, transit trade, whether in language, culture, customs, architecture, food, and the characteristics of the mainland and taiwan, is a good way to feel taiwan folk customs.high performance/price ratio, and the golden gate opened several duty-free shops, shopping, plus a variety of snacks, is going to go eat good places to buy buy buy.

to the golden gate should deal with golden card, and the card almost identical, but much better than the one card in a word:stay in kinmen and matsu and penghu.if so, if you go to matsu and penghu island, also do not need the certificate, a golden card is enough.the period of validity is 15 days!must be in your golden card effective date within three days of use.a golden card can travel only once.

golden gate city is not big, the best way of transportation is to rent an electric or charter, two lines(lovers) is suitable for electric vehicles, the number of more(family) is suitable for transporting, convenient travel for pleasure.two days can be arranged like this:

d1 head settlement(2 hours)-the goldwater elementary(0.5 hours)-zhaishan gallery(2 hours)-> clear golden gate town company commanders department(1.5 hours)-junan light floor(1.5 hours)-kinmen tzuhu(1 hour)

d2 building island(1 hour) to wu river academy(1 hour), the golden gate folk custom villages(2 hours)-guning head war history museum(1.5 hours)-chen jinglan mansions(1 hour), sun yat-sen memorial forest(1 hour)

the golden gate is a traffic is not developed, no tall buildings of the island.here is a place where no industry can slow life.

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