hubei traditional meat cake is made of this!

inheriting classic, retain delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

from snacks to big delicious meatloaf, today for the first time the entire records the production process.

buy silver carp hill reservoirs, 30 jins, kill a good clean home.

cut off the shark's fin and fins, and began to cut fish

bone peeling

cut the fish brain from the head down

chop meatloaf need fish, without a thorn, plain meat.10 jins of fresh fish can devote about three and a half jins of pure meat.

the rest of the barbed fish.add the flour, salt, and a small amount of soy sauce, tune, fried.our wide selection of essential dish-fried shark fin make successful in the new year.炸鱼刺可以当时趁热直接吃,也可以在随后的新年期间加水煮开,漂上一点大蒜苗,放在小碳火炉子上炖着,闻着香味开吃






接下来开始切肉了。with the finest of streaky 7.5 kg, lean lean, less fat.

lean pork chop meat

fat meat into small cubes, can't chop

home grown red tiaoxi dozen red tiaoxi powder.pour out 6.6-7.0 kg powder, adjusted with cold water and add in 270-300 grams of it is about the proportion of

10 jins of live fish:streaky 2.5 kg:red tiaoxi starch catty 2.3:100 grams of salt

into fish to make, also is to make thicken.meatloaf that do the hard work the most crucial step, can want to stir until foaming, takes about 20 minutes.

set the fish

add chopped good mince, continue to stir, takes about 20 minutes.the longer the stirring time, steamed meat cake is delicious.

stir the amount of three meatloaf.a little bit dry, added water, stir again.

on bamboo steamer one-time film on the shop, wash clean.

the good meat sauce mix into bamboo steamer.


add short bamboo tube around as blow hole, let the heat transfer.

boiling water on the range, in a bamboo steamer.

on the second floor

cover; fire steam for seventy minutes.

dad has been in the fire.

is sweet and delicious macheng meatloaf is ready.

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