do not clean outside?kinds of fried food collection up slowly to learn a week do not weigh appearance!


1, fried eggplant box

main ingredient:long tender eggplant 250 grams, meat 100 grams.

ingredients:water hair dried shrimp 10 grams, egg 2, 50 g flour, 750 g salad oil.

ingredients:4 grams of iodized salt, monosodium glutamate, 3 grams of rice wine 3 grams, the onion ginger each 3 grams, 6 grams of salt and pepper.


(1) the eggplant to wash peeled, cut the clip blade.dried shrimp piace thenminto.

(2) add dried shrimp meat, green onion, ginger, monosodium glutamate, at the end of the half after the eggs are, add tomato folder, tomato clip flour.set aside.the remaining eggs into the bowl, add flour made egg custard, drag in tomato clip to whole egg mixture.

(3) the spoon inside the oil drain, six or seven into a burning hot, the clamp in tomato one by one into the scoop of fried cooked, remove to drain oil plate are golden, put salt and pepper that is good.

2, egg crisp banana volume


2 bananas, 2 eggs, 2 bags roll, breadcrumbs, a little salt, white sugar,


1, ready to bananas, eggs, egg roll, breadcrumbs, and for white sugar and a little salt

2, first the cone crumb inside the bag, then pour into a large bowl with mortar mashed garlic

3, bumps into the eggs with salt, sugar and stir to mix

4, banana cut with the skin, and then stripped skin, wrapped in a layer of liquid egg roll, wrapped in another level crumbs, in turn, make all the bananas paragraph

5, the pot pour oil burning to 6 into hot, gently down to the banana, fry until golden on both sides, with a strainer remove to drain oil, reoccupy absorb oil plate oil absorption can

3, fried chicken legs


chicken legs 2, egg 2.peanut oil, 500 grams(solid fuel consumption of 80 grams), 10 g, 10 g, salt, msg, 5 g shaoshing wine, dry powder, 50 grams of bread slag in moderation.


1, chicken leg bone removed with a knife, the chicken with a knife back tenderizer, add salt, msg, wine marinate for 30 minutes.

2, egg, add water, starch paste, good pickled chicken feet hang paste, stick on the bread crumbs.

3, cooking pot of oil, the oil temperature is 100 degrees, down to the fried chicken leg in crisp outside and tender scooping up into the disc to

4, salt and pepper shrimp

main ingredient:shrimp(500 g);

accessories:parsley(25 g);

spices:salt(15 g), chili(red, sharp, dry)(25 grams), peanut oil(50 grams), five-spice powder(2 g)(five-spice powder with black pepper, white pepper, according to the existing materials around);


1.fresh shrimp in the water wash, cut shrimp, shrimp gun, first take out a gun under dry;

2.fry pan with heat, into the essence of 15 grams, and stir-fry until hot and there was a noise, the side away from the crater, pour into five-spice powder 2 grams, mix into huai salt namely;

3.peppers cut into meters granular;

4.fry pan with heat, add peanut oil, burning hot fifty percent, shrimp under the bubble oil to eight mature, with even the oil into the oil skimmer drain;

5.tempering fry pan, fry has oil prawn in slightly for a while, add huai salt and peppers, fry until cooked, plate, pile into yamagata;

6.accompanied with cilantro into around

5, crispy fried milk


250 ml milk 4 keys, 20 g cornstarch, condensed milk, 80 g flour, sugar, baking powder, 30 g, 3 g 1 g of salt,

120 ml water, salad oil, 20 g


1, the milk into the pot, to join the condensed milk, stir.

2, add the sifted corn starch, mix well and no powder milk.

3, with stir over medium heat, cook until thickened, remove from heat.

4, pour into a container, put the refrigerator into frozen naigao.

5, remove the frozen good frozen naigao, cut into squares.

6, the flour, baking powder, salt, water, oil, stirring into a thin paste slurry.

7, put naigao piece in a dilute actually, even with crispy pulp.

8, the pot put oil, burning hot seventy percent, in hung with crispy pulp naigao.

9, fry over medium heat until skin yellow, can drain the oil dish

6, fried pumpkin balls


pumpkin 250 g, 90 g glutinous rice powder.


1, pumpkin peel steamed.

2, with a small spoon into the steamed pumpkin mud.(strike a good operation.

3, in the glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice powder according to the moisture content of pumpkin"good master, my pumpkin is dry, with about 90 g of glutinous rice flour.

4, into the flour mixture.

5, pull the next piece of pumpkin rub the dough into a ball than table tennis a little bit small.

6, frying pan, heat oil, 5 hot into the pumpkin balls, strike.

7, fried to float golden brown.

7, cheese shrimp


shrimp 1 package(340 grams), cheese, eggs, flour, 1 italian bread powder, some salt and black pepper.


1, shrimp shell and sand line, wash.

2, the prawn shrimp chop mud, add salt and pepper to taste.

3, take some shrimp mud, middle cheese, rolling, rolling around in the flour, let surface with flour.

4, shrimp with eggs, bread flour rolling again.

5, pan of hot oil, medium heat, add shrimp fried until golden yellow color.

6, then drain on kitchen paper towel.serve hot.

8, fried squid ring


main ingredient:squid 55 g flour, 450 g

marinade:1/4 tsp salt 1/3 tsp pepper 1/4 tsp lemon juice

fried pulp material:since the 1/2 cup baking powder, salt and pepper, 1/4 teaspoon oil, 1 tbsp water 1/3 cup


1, squid washed to remove entrails and tear film, wash and crosscutting 1 cm into ring shape.

2, fried pulp material mix.

3, burning hot water, put the squid, shut down, turn to be white remove(water), mix with the marinade.mix well.

4, boil the right amount of oil, squid with flour first, then with fried pulp, fry them in oil until golden crisp.

9, fried cake

main ingredient:yellow rice

accessories, cowpea, green beans

ingredients:sugar, salad oil, sesame oil,


1, will join the right amount ground yellow rice water to form a uniform granule.set aside.

2, in the steaming covers, food steamers in layer and into the yellow rice flour, edge and edge will have cake surface rub into fine granular, and the back cover with lid fire steam for 10 minutes.

3, steamed cake surface on oil painted plastic sheeting, uniform pressure, back and forth with a rolling pin until the surface is exquisite, to strike without hot rolling).

4, wash flower black-eyed peas, green beans and soft, add white sugar steamed steamed, steaming till no hard core, and then mix flower black-eyed peas and green beans.under the cake surface rub into strips, crowded each 30 grams, package into the bean stuffing.set aside.

5 and the sesame oil and salad oil according to the proportion of 3:1 in fried cake furnace, heating, make the oil temperature rise to 150 degrees, into the cake, fry until golden on surface is uniform vesicles, colour and lustre, no oil seeps.

10, fried pork chops


ribs 500 grams, 1 small piece of ginger, 1 big spoon, starch edible oil 500 grams(elapsed 30 grams), 1 tablespoon soy sauce, cooking wine, 1 big spoon, milk 1 small spoon, 1 small spoon of salt, sugar, 1/2 spoon,


1.rinse ribs, by administering tenderizer,

2.wash ginger piace thenminto,

3.the soy sauce, salt, ginger, wine, milk, sugar, starch, water, into the pork chops pickled flavor,

4.put oil pan, burn to seventy percent hot, pork fried until golden yellow, take it out for chopping block.

11, fried spring rolls


leek 60 g, 160 g pork, eggs, 75 g, 70 g sauce 10 grams, refined salt 3 grams.water starch 15 grams, 50 grams of vegetable oils.


1.the leek cut into 3 cm long;pork with salt a little starch and water, the flattering with warm, and sends control net oil, then put into the pot, add soy sauce, salt, slightly fry chives, make spring rolls filling.

2.the eggs into the bowl, add flour, water, stir into a thin paste, with a single spoon out into 4 pieces of leather.

3.put the leather on the cutting board, involved in filling, in a batter on the seal, one made of four spring roll embryo.

4.put the pot on the wood-pile, pour oil, up to seven by eighty percent on hot spring rolls, fried crispy skin, namely into golden brown, eat spring rolls cut into section of code into the dish.

12 balls, fried element

material:carrots, parsley, flour, potato, fan

spices:salt, chicken essence, pepper, onion, ginger


1.onion ginger piace thenminto a standby

2.rinse the coriander chopped.set aside.

3.rinse the carrots, potatoes, rub silk standby

4.chop also reserve after fans bubble open.

5.mix the above materials, adding suitable amount of flour and water, add salt, chicken essence, a small amount of pepper.stir.principle is to make meat balls, don't be too thin, not too thick batter. a pan of oil, after 5 hot, will has good food cooking fried.

7.turn with the spatula, fry until golden brown out of the pot.

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