this is the practice of tofu is the most delicious restaurants eat less than a stop!


tofu, is people in daily life, one of the most common ingredients, a suit was deeply loved by the masses of people, tofu is not only delicious and nutrition.

tofu, a beneficial gas and fluid, dryness, qingrejiedu, cancer prevention, the effect of anti-aging.

features were recommended for everybody today small make up you a bean curd eat, like friends can have a try!

main ingredient:firm tofu, 400 g 15 ml of vinegar, tomato sauce, 30 ml, 10 ml, 10 g 2 grams, sugar, salt, water starch, some 15 ml, chopped green onion, sesame.


1.the firm tofu with clean water, water, dry cutting, drain the water again, set aside. a clean bowl, add vinegar, tomato sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, water starch, a little sesame seeds, stir to mix well.

3.pan fire, the oil heat, the tofu in the pan and fry, don't turn the bean curd.

4.fry until golden on both sides.remove, accusing oil plate and set aside.

5.the purpose of oil in the pan, will good fried tofu in a pot, put the juice, pour into the pot, stir evenly, the juice to the fire.

6.out of the pot on the plate and serve.

warm prompt

1, seasoning dosage is adjusted according to individual interest, suggested after the second step seasoning mix, have a taste.

2, into the pan fried tofu, don't turn the bean curd.

like food:food enthusiasts, and for food and have a fever, hope everybody many collection, sharing, thanks for your support!

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