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fried sauerkraut e.

material:e., sour pickled cabbage, pepper, ginger, onion, garlic sprout, oyster sauce.practice

1, prepared ingredients and spices;

2, fried water:will sour pickled cabbage in the pan(not to put oil) fried dry water after put a little sugar stir evenly after dishing out spare;

3, stir-fry:puts oil pan, add material head out fragrance;

4, fried e.:pour into e.stir-fry for a while, add oyster sauce continue stirring;

5, put a sour pickled cabbage:will have fried sauerkraut of dry water poured into the pot stirring evenly;

6, thicken:hook into the thin thicken slightly stir evenly can be out of the pot.steamed pork with rice flour


material:500 g pork belly with the skin, 100 g rice, glutinous rice 50 grams, 50 grams of soy sauce, 30 grams of sweet bean sauce, cooking wine for 15 grams, white sugar, spring onions, ginger, chinese prickly ash, star anise, cinnamon.


1, wash the meat, fur to clean up, ready for other materials

2, will heat up a pan with medium heat, put rice, chinese prickly ash, star anise, cinnamon, pale yellow to m, poured out cool, in addition to the chinese prickly ash pick star anise and cinnamon standby

3, will cool meters into the grinding machine, ground into a coarse powder

4, cut into 8 cm long, 4 mm thick large

5, will cut the meat into the bowl, add soy sauce, cooking wine, sweet faces(both with 50 grams of water), white sugar, spring onions shredded ginger and cooked anise, cinnamon to uniform, marinate for at least 60 minutes, turn over a few times(middle), make it even occasionally

6, meat, marinate for good, after all the marinade to pick it out, pour into rice flour mix evenly, every piece of meat wrapped in pink.prepare a little shallow bowl(with a little oil), the meat in turn, put meat between not too tight, the skin at the hem on the bowl, meat between not too tight, the best is fish scales.pot, add some water bowl in cage cover the pain, the fire to boil after turn to medium heat, steam for 60 minutes, remove the buckle into the disc to

braised chicken claw

the original demolition materials:chicken feet

seasonings:salt, taste delta rock sugar, june fresh premium soy sauce, green onion, ginger, star anise, red pepper, rice wine,


1, chicken feet to nail, blanch remove

2, fry a camel, fry the chicken feet light yellow

3, add onion ginger, star anise red pepper fry fragrant

4 red chili peppers, onion ginger, star anise, 1:1, a bowl of rice wine

5, boil and salt

6, the small and medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes fire the juice can

mushroom and tofu

material:bean curd 300 grams, mushroom and 3 only.pickle, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, starch in moderation.

practice:1, cut tofu into small pieces, centre hollowed out;

2, will wash maceration chopped mushroom, pickle chop and stir in seasoning starch is the stuffing;

3, the filling into the tofu center, on the dish steamed, sprinkle sesame oil, soy sauce and serve.light tofu shrimp


soft tofu, broccoli, shrimp, salt, cooking wine, starch, edible oil, green onion, garlic, oyster sauce


1, tender bean curd slices, broccoli tore little flower, the pot to boil water to put a little salt, the bean curd and broccoli for a moment;

2 heads shrimp, shrimp to wash, salt, cooking wine, starch, marinate for 15 minutes ruwei;

3, puts a bit more oil, pan fry shrimp with seventy percent heat standby, residual oil to saute onions, garlic, add tofu, beautiful extremely tasty sauce, oyster sauce and salt stir;

4, add shrimp, broccoli, add starch thicken water simmer 3 minutes.a brilliant future for

raw materials:corn, fresh mushroom, red hot peppers


1.the prepared material.wash mushrooms, dicing after them;wash and remove the internal white pulp and hot peppers seeds, dicing;garlic slices.

2.fruit corn strip granulating with the hand, pay attention to not cut with the knife, knife cut the corn very tender germ off easily, taste and nutrition will be the loss.

3.put the right amount of peanut oil pan, oil after hot fried garlic slice of the aroma.

4.mushrooms, under the small fire stir-fried, some water softening and stir-fry until mushrooms.

5.stripped corn kernels, with the help of a mushroom gravy fried and boiled, until completely discolored mature corn kernels.

6.under the hot peppers, transfer into a half grams of salt and the right amount of oyster sauce, stir evenly until hot peppers cut can turn off the heat consumption.

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