family reunion dinner to do?most complete history of the family reunion dinner - literally do a is the classic make up!


is going to be the spring festival, every new year's eve night beautiful eat a meal with my family dinner!small make up today and you take a look at the practice of various family reunion dinner, give family do a table of a big family reunion dinner on new year's eve!

the peacock<br/>


mullet article 1, 3 flower dried xianggu mushroom, red pepper 2 3, garlic grain, 1 small pieces of ginger, spring onion, 2 tree, cheung tai steamed fish 1 bag, white pepper, cooking wine, 1 bottle caps.


1, the garlic slices, ginger slices, chop pepper, scallion cut, cut into the rest of the chopped green onion, mushroom slices after soaked.

2, fish off the scales and cut his head, tail, and then pulled out from the beginning of slit gut after clean, sliced body parts from the back of the knife, but keep the belly part don't cut off.

3, chopped garlic, ginger, mushroom slices, spring onion tile within the plate, and then put the fish on the dish and sprinkle with pepper and pour into wide cheung tai steamed fish, rice wine, and a little white pepper.

4, put the dishes in steamer, steam for 10 minutes to the fire.


1, general making steamed fish fish suggested using fresh live fish, immediately after the slaughter of production, so that we can guarantee the fresh meat, fresh and smell is relatively weak.

boiled prawns

boiled prawns are delicious, taste and delicate, simple cooking method is the most meal can eat, can also put the remaining boiled prawns to pan fry?

colocasia pork with

replace colocasia with preserved vegetable has become one of the most famous hakka dishes"mei vegetables pork with";for sichuan pickles is a unique local characteristics of"white".although it is classified as"guangdong cuisine", but a lot of sichuan, jiangxi, hunan has produced.

material:wash the streaky 1 catty(square block, with skin) big taro 1.5 1 catty,

dressing:2 tbsp rice wine, soy sauce 3-4 spoon, soup or water, sugar, monosodium glutamate, right amount, less less five-spice powder, 2 slices ginger,


1, the pork belly with boiling water to harden, to insert pigskin full with the awl, into the pan fry until golden on all, cutting large

2, taro, cut thick slices, into the pan fry for 5 minutes

3, all the spices to the mold, heat, will all meat and taro fully after dipping seasoning, alternate with in a large bowl, condiment poured in, use the pressure cooker jet for 10 to 15 minutes, then.fully then(in the upper portion, buckle the before eating in a separate bowl, ordinary steaming hot 20 minutes)

4, connect the taro into lotus root, or reducing the number of seasoning sauce, add fermented bean curd, bean paste.

the carrot stew beef brisket


the flank 2 jins of carrot root ginger 4 1 small piece of green chinese onion geranyl 5 piece of cinnamon in 1 piece of dried tangerine or orange peel 1 piece of amomum one two in star anise dried chilli 5 root rock sugar 10 2 tbsp soya sauce douban 2 tbsp coriander amount


1, flat and cut into small pieces, ginger cut spring onion into;cut the beef into pieces into the cold water pot to boil after 20 minutes after bleeding foam poured out drain first spare;

2, in the frying pan into the heat more than cooking oil, then add ginger, watercress, saute shallot and spices together, to be smell out pour beef, stir-fry evenly;

3, the fried beef in a pressure cooker, and then add rock sugar, add 1 cup of water, do not cover the pressure cooker pot stewed with medium heat for about half an hour, midway fold from time to time;

4, at the same time of open stewed beef, cut the carrot scrub clean with hob after large;

5, put the carrots into the pressure cooker, the safety cover fire to exhaust after change the minimum fire stew stew 15 minutes;

after 6, sheng into the bowl, sprinkle a little parsley to titian.


1, if you can't eat spicy, can remove the dried chilli and douban, but add 1 spoon sauce, the taste is great;

2, beef stew, plus a few dried tangerine or orange peel or best tea in the stew, so beef soft quickly, and the meat smells;

3, carrot stew do not need too long time, so you first have to stew beef after add the diced carrots, almost don't have to peel the carrots, you just need to put the cuticle scrub clean;

4, if it's not the pressure cooker, also can use the cooking pot or casserole stew, but requires a longer time, yo use pressure cooker will be very save gas.

mushrooms stir-fry heart

metaphor"money"to round mushrooms, vegetables are like the branches of a root, at first glance, like a plateful"yushu hang money", this dish can be solved not only animal fat, with a thriving business of good wishes.

material:mushrooms, small rape heart, all kinds of spices amount


    <p>vegetables clean, add a little salt and oil in water, boiling hot steam blanch vegetables can keep a good colour and lustre, the practice of other vegetables, mushroom and vegetables are also applicable to the step 2</p><p>vegetables in sludge produced cold</p><p>choose size, smooth surface of xianggu mushroom, destemmed spare</p><p>puts oil pan, heat up the mushrooms, fried to soft</p><p>stewed with suitable amount of drinking water</p><p>bring to a boil add fuel, sugar, according to personal taste salt.turn to a simmer to mushroom flavor, soft and not bad</p><p>take a long, careful to vegetables plate.turn off the heat, pieces of mushroom and on the other side of the pendulum.will the pot soup thicken, sprinkle on the mushroom.</p>

a secret spicy beef jerky


1 kg of beef chili powder 60 g grounded 20 grams of sugar 30 g 2 tbsp soya sauce, 2 tsp salt, 1 tbsp monosodium glutamate with cooked white sesame flavor(1 small put chinese prickly ash, star anise, fennel, cinnamon 1 2 block, geranyl 2 slices, amomum, clove 4 1 grain, meat, chloe, dried tangerine or orange peel 1 block)


1, burn a pot of boiling water, the cleaning of beef pot to boil after bleeding foam remove to soak in cold water, and pour out the blood;

2, in an earthenware pot(also available without other pot) pour suitable amount of water, add all spices and salt to boil, add beef, if the water is not beef, add boiling water until completely before, small heat for about 50 minutes after the drain first cool;

3, will cool cut into the size of a finger across the texture of beef;

4 or more in the frying pan into the micro thermal burn oil, add in sugar after small fire fry a camel son into the beef stir fry for 1 minute and pour into soy sauce stir well together;

5, has been to fry the beef with small fire after a dry, add chili powder and grounded stir evenly, before the final dish up into the white sesame and a little msg stir well.


1, 1 kg of beef and finally make only about 1/3 weight of beef jerky, and production of dried beef had better choose lean beef without reinforcement;

2, beef cooked bleeding after water remove to soak in cold water can make beef meat become tighter, and spices cooked together can make the beef is better;

3, beef has been using the process of the small fire, finally making fried camel note don't fry too focal line;

4, it not only can be used as a table of cold dishes, snacks as usual life is also very good.

at the end of the celery beef


the celery 1(not thin celery, celery yo) 200 g beef at the end of the chinese prickly ash 1 small dry hot 5 root ginger 3 piece some salt msg a few


1, celery after take off the old leaf wash cut into grain, dry red pepper cut into segments;

2, in the frying pan into the right amount of oil, burning heat and 7 into chinese prickly ash, dried chili and ginger until fragrant;

at the end of the 3, add in beef stir the fire to take off, then stir in celery seed stir-fry for 2 minutes, added salt and monosodium up.


1, this dish is very simple and orders, but fire with fire quickly fried fried, fried if time is too long, celery fried painfully painfully not very good-looking.

the bean curd


1 box tofu cut into pieces of meat(beef, pork) 1 small bowl

seasoning:1 tablespoon watercress pi county, chinese prickly ash 1 small grain, 1 small spoon, ginger, garlic, 1 small spoon, colourful pepper grains 1 big spoon, 1 tablespoon chopped green onion, chinese prickly ash 1 small spoon


1 heating, pour a suitable amount of oil in frying pan, heat oil to be panhao(above puts hand pot, can sense of warm) into minced meat, fried, and sheng out of standby after birth;

2, the oil to fry pan, when heated at the end of chinese prickly ash, garlic, ginger pour out fragrance;

3, watercress in pi county fire out after the red oil, add pepper stir well, then pour into cut into pieces of tofu stir, about 3 minutes,

cooked meat before 4, will pour into the pot, added msg stirring, then pour into the water starch flour, the juice after dish up sprinkle with scallions and grounded.


1, tofu, a box, the box of the four points of use scissors to cut open the air into the respectively, and then tore the plastic tofu can block does not break to pour out.

2, tofu slices, steam them with light saline, non-friable fried.

3, fry douban fire to turn down a little, otherwise douban easily paste pot, caramel flavour.

sweet and sour spareribs

material:ribs 1, 4 cloves of garlic, red onion, 2, 3 tbsp rice vinegar, rice wine, 3 tbsp, brown sugar, 1 piece, 2 tbsp soy sauce, a bowl of boiled water, oil amount


steps:1, ribs clean drain water, garlic peeling of half open, red onion strip outside a layer of dry clothes, to wash the roots.

2, into the oil in the pan, add garlic and onion fried sweet pour into chops, seditious to hide in the bone in the meat can be exposed.

3, if the oil is too much, poured out, leaving a small amount of base oil can, 3 tbsp rice vinegar.

4, 3 tbsp pour into rice wine.

5, into a small piece of red sugar.

at the end of june, pour boiling water into the position of the ribs.

7, 2 tbsp pour into soy sauce.

9, back to the juice frying pan fire, if it is too weak, can call in a little salt appropriately, to slightly darker in color, can also be transferred to a few drops of soy sauce.generative


features:rotten meat taste is not greasy, costs about 45 yuan.

material:pig's arms a(1.5 kg), wash and boiling water for 10 minutes, the skin with the awl firm pine,(with little honey) into the pan fry over medium heat until golden brown, half open.(dried oysters, oyster city good) 2-3 two(100 yuan/kg), wash, more than a small amount of warm water to soak for half a day.

red bean paste dumplings

as a family reunion dinner dessert staple food, eat the dumpling is a symbol of the family"reunion,"marriage"prosperous""sweetness".

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